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You are correct, it is getting a little wild in here!

February 21 2005 at 8:02 PM

Response to Mac, I think we need

It is not easy to sort through and determine what "WE" really want as a body of enthusiasts, since it seems that every one of us has something different to say which is natural, but this forum is going to continue to be a mess to look at until some way to sort it all out and boil it down into "majority representative" desires can be set up. I'm working on doing just that, but I only have so much time each day to dedicate to these activities.

What we are probably going to end up with is the "open forum" running discussion threads like it is, then at the top of the page (where FIAT, and everyone else can easily get at it) have something like a "cumulative document" of the majority things that "make the cut" which would be broken into categories like you are describing.

I like the idea of having several separate areas each for some specific aspect of the car to discuss, but that would basically mean setting up 20 individual X1/99 forums (!) not practical right now from an admin standpoint, as I can barely keep on top of Xweb as it is and still have a life

Hang in there folks!!!! Feel free to keep chattering and brainstorming, I'm working on some method for this madness!

Peace, -Mac

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