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February 22 2005 at 11:14 AM

Response to Offer to Mac or anyone else here...

When must said article be received? When is the Ricambi set to be in the hands (or bathrooms) of Fiat folks? How many words are we talking about? I'm flattered that you would invite me, but unless it is something relatively brief, I may not be the one to pull it off. Perhaps one of our fellow creative writers here (or you Brett?) would better deserve the Ricambi spotlight? No matter who wrote it, I think giving the car and this 'mission' about it MORE publicity / coverage to our fellow Fiat friends can only be a good thing!

Of at least equal importance as setting the record straight is then following that up with what we are here attempting to do about it all. ONE NOTE to whoever writes it: NO mention of our "friends" OK?

Peace, -Mac

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