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February 22 2005 at 5:34 PM

Response to Mac, I Am Confused!

Actually you are correct, there is a lot that can not really be said about it, and even more than that to which there are no clear answers - YET.

I can only say this, for the X1/9 enthusiasts of the world who WOULD be interested in the prospect of ANY "New X1/9" being produced by Fiat, it has simply worked out in such a way that IED's X1/99 concept (whether it was ever intended to be an evolution of the original or not) HAS by the attention it has drawn created a real possibility that an evolution of the X1/9 might now be more possible than ever... IF the enthusiast community of the world would desire it.

What I am saying is this. Some people say the X1/9 and the X1/99 have no relationship. Others say they do. In fact it really is not relevant whether they did ORIGINALLY because they DO NOW! It is because of the X1/99 that Fiat might seriously consider something "like it" or "like" an evolution of the X1/9. So you see, it is not "what is the X1/99" or "what is the X1/99 NOT" that are the relevant points, the relevant point is, whatever happened, the X1/99 has created an OPPORTUNITY for Fiat to seriously consider the production of ANY "new X1/9" KIND of car.

That is where WE as a global community raise a collective voice to FIAT that we would WANT THAT if they would be willing to create one. Then, after they would seriously consider that (which may be a lot more likely than you would assume) that is when we offer them the "vocal majority" concensus issues that would be relevant to us in respect to such a car being produced...

Make sense?

Peace, -Mac

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