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You're right, I was only daydreaming, and also right about...

March 1 2005 at 4:39 PM

Response to never gonna happen Alex...

... them NEVER EVER GOING FOR IT. Ferrari is the most prestigious brand, could you imagine the huge tantrum that would be thrown by THAT enthusiast community if some Ferrari platform was going to be modified and marketed as A FIAT???

You think WE sound like cry babies? HA! Those guys would sh*t a brick. The only difference is, they have loads of money to back up their enthusiast clout, us with our "front engine X1/9" fits can only bang the drum, make lots of noise, and HOPE that Fiat will take our views into account before just rushing to produce something with the X name and without the TRUE X SPIRIT.

Regarding USED Ferraris not being that expensive to BUY, it's true. It's the cost of MAINTENANCE over the course of ownership that keeps even the used ones (relatively) out of "every garage". Yes everyone even garbage men CAN buy a used one, but then, only the ones who are resourceful or primarily their own mechanics can really keep them long term. It is that thought of long term maintenance cost that keeps even people who could otherwise afford to buy a used one from doing it most of the time, ESPECIALLY in the case of those who are NOT their own mechanic

Peace, -Mac.

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