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What makes a nice design

March 2 2005 at 12:16 PM

Response to FIRST LOOK at the FINISHED IED X1/99

I recall a meeting with someone in the car industry, and he explained to me that one of the important things is the lines. The corners, the edges. Remember the 50's and 60's - ther was a line where the fender met the hood, a corner where the winshield frame turned into a roof, and so on. These lines defined a design, they gave this character to the car. During the oil crisis of the 70's designers were pushed to improve gas milage and cars where designed in wind tunnels. Well - a wind tunnel produces one optimal design, and it is in a shape of a drop of wather. This is basically the design of least aerodynamic drag, this is where the aerodynamic forces even out on the drop of water. So that's when all cars started looking the same - like a drop of water. Add some futuristic glass work and you get a 'modern' car.
I can still tell a 55 Chevy from a 56 Ford in a glimps, but today I have to read the emblum to ID a car. They all look the same.
After the X1/99, if it will be a success, there'll be lookalikes from other mfr's and again I won't be able to tell the difference.
Good night

Green '85 X1/9

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