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After a few days looking at it I agree, unfortunately :(

March 4 2005 at 3:58 AM

Response to the original is still clearly superior in style

When I first saw the "sneak preview" posted at the very start of this thread, I was really overwhelmed with excitement at what I saw!!

Of course, what I saw was a deliberately shadowy video 3D rendering that lasted a few seconds. Then the real pictures came out. It looked significantly more impressive in the rendered video.

I do think the color scheme has a lot to do with why I don't like it as much in reality, it would be far more attractive steel grey metallic than it is "tonka truck green with white wheels". It just looks very plastic, like a giant toy car that some huge kid is going to pick up and play with.

I do still like it, but I agree it can not touch the original. I think the center hinged doors are extremely cool regardless of all else, but in honesty I would like the car more if it A: did not have that hideous front bumper/spoiler thing frowning out from its chin, B: was a little less "chunky" the Stratos should be sleek as a rippling muscle like Bruce Lee, not chunky and rotund like Tom Arnold.

Oh well, I will give it one thing, AT LEAST, when you look at it, you CAN STILL CLEARLY SEE IT IS A STRATOS EVOLUTION. That's the single most critical element of any "update" in my book.

Peace, -Mac

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