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FIAT *has* taken gutsy decisions recently

March 6 2005 at 12:22 AM
Alex Shepherd 

Response to Appreciate the good ol days

You mentioned the FWD Barchetta and Coupe as falling short of your satisfaction, and implied that they were more or less what other manufacturers produce. I agree.

But what about the Multipla?

Now that was different (and still is) with its space-frame construction, 'top hat' shape with huge glass area, headlights at the base of the windscreen, and three-abreast seating. Universally derided as the ugliest new car on the road, don't you think that it's impressive that FIAT had the guts to put it into production and back its unusual design all the way?

Now, we are collectively asking for FIAT to back a mid-engined design for a two-seater targa coupe... rather less adventurous than the Multipla, but could it happen? Of course it could!


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