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I thought you guys might like to know...

March 9 2005 at 7:53 PM
Jean Paul Fondeur 

I'm a transportation design student at "Istituto Europeo di Design" I.E.D.
in Torino Italy, and I hate to break it to you guys, but this thing was built by 7 students doing the master course, the chances of fiat building this thing are o.ooooo1% or less.
I'm glad you guys like it though, i'll be sure to tell the Master course guys, "i'm 2nd year, master would be 4th, it's a 3 year course." anyway the 1:1 scale model at the geneva motor show is made out of solid polyurethane "i think that's the name" and has no internal mechanical parts, except for the powered electric roof. but the doors dont open and it has no engine, and the seats are made out of the same stuff as the rest of the car, so they are HARD.

I'm sorry to break it to you guys but this thing is just a school design exercise, and is not gonna get built, Fiat is in a lot of financial trouble right now and they have more important stuff to do than building little roadsters. they already have the barchetta, and don't need another one. i don't even think they're gonna build the "Tre piu uno" 3+1 a cool little modern fiat 500 thing they presented last year "think Mini, but Fiat and SMALLER"

Anyway that's that, I just wanted to let you guys know before you got your hopes up too high.

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