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Not a bad Idea. Who said anything about FIAT?

March 10 2005 at 11:05 PM

Anonymous was me Chase 

Response to If we're going to talk about features / options, let's consider different models

Perhaps I was being a little harsh but Bob was talking about features that belong on an escalade a vehicle I feel shouldn't exist.

Any way my question is this Why FIAT?
Granted they did once put there badge on one of the greatest cars ever produced (in our opinions) They have gone soft; the management has no guts or vision as far as I can tell (I would love to be proved wrong). I don’t care if I drive a FIAT. I want a mid engine barebones inexpensive car that looks good, goes fast and handles phenomenally. I don’t care who it’s made by as long as it is made well and what I want. But as much as I love the Lotus Elise I will not be able to afford one any time soon. So it has to be affordable.

Personally I think that there are many other companies that have the ability to produce phenomenal product if there engineers are given free rein or a little leniency.

As for no ABS that is legal. Duel master brake cylinders are also legal cheap (production cost increase ~$20-35), safe and Murphy ’s Law proof. I in fact they are MANDETORY for All Formula SAE (read Society of Automotive Engineers)and Mini Baja competition vehicles for safety reasons. A in car brake bias bar like a wildwood is a BAD idea for a stock production car with a production based driver. ABS would be ok if and only if it where optional and good. It could be done with duel MC’s.

The boxer Eight would be ridiculous and is impractical (sort of) I only want the heads and the FI system off a couple R1’s not the whole engine.
Boxer engines are sweet because you can lower the CG a ton and are perfectly balanced.

An Inline six would be also be BAD ASS and definitely be a defining aspect in the character of the car. You could have two versions a rev happy 2l and a luxury 2.4L stroker. Both NA
2L oversquare (raceable engine)
80mm bore and a 66mm stroke and say a conservative redline of 9000 redline. 210-250 HP
2.4L square
80mm bore 80mm stroke and a 7500rpm redline est. 200 - 210hp+

different Versions are a good idea however I would wish that a base model would come out first so the release is not delayed by something like heated seats. I don't see the luxury model as essential you could have a lot of dealer installed options to cut down on the production differences. The only thing I can think of that is electronic I would like to see added aside from engine controls is heated side mirrors.

I would really like to see a 42V ignition system for improve efficiency and spark.

I will Laugh at Anyone who try's to convince me that an automatic transmission belongs in any "Sports Car" or any car for that matter.

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