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Yes exactly

March 13 2005 at 4:29 AM
Alex Shepherd 

Response to The X was never a FIat design anyway...

...and when I drive mine, it does seem like 'the unwanted child' compared with, say, my Uno Turbo that was made in the same year as my X1/9. The two cars have almost nothing in common!

You've been reading Phil Ward's book, haven't you.

It was in the mid-late seventies that the 128 3P was promoted as an alternative to the X1/9: being an 'in-house' design, it was no doubt cheaper for FIAT to produce - to paraphrase.

A few technical corrections to his words: the 128 came in either 'S' or 'SL' form, not 'L' as stated. The 'S' had less trim (clearly visible in the photos), less soundproofing, a simpler instrument cluster, and rectangular headlights compared with the four round items of the 'SL' - Phil has it described the wrong way around. You see very few 'S' models these days. Incidentally, 1974 cars seemed to be badged 'Sport L', but now we are getting down to trivia (!)


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