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Bob don't know if youll read this but here is my response

April 2 2005 at 1:10 AM


Response to Some of us like to simply drive and show...

Well bob I'll admit I am a little biased as we all are however I still stand by some of my previous statements.
As for adding the same amount of weight as a beer with power locks and windows and air bags I don't think so and I doubt you meant that literally anyway. All of these things I see as unnecessary luxury items. I don't want them. They are not legal for racing and I feel safer without air bags. However I will concede that these all could be optional features however I feel that they would add to the base cost of the vehicle in raw material and premade parts costs, engineering time and tooling. Tooling for a door handle can easily cost $50,000. Also having these features available at launch would most likely push back the launch date.

Brake improvements are a good idea but ABS is not a solution it is merely a cover for design mistakes. I want to start a campaign duel MC's for safety.

As for my own driving style
It's brake late and rely on power oversteer to get me around the corner.
I do love to drive on snow when we get it up here. I was hot lapping a where house in 12" of fresh wide open in third and forth gears sideways last time it snowed.
I am in pretty good shape I try to swim as often as I can and am 6'1" 165lbs. and thin so I really can't drop more than 5lbs. before I start losing muscle. So for me the car is the place to drop weight. I'll substitute the mass of your luxury items for one of my girlfriends. Personally I just enjoy them more;)

I view quality sound systems as acceptable luxuries that can be added without any real addition in tooling cost. They are also easily removable if you want to race. the only thing you have to really add is wiring. Also nothing can replace

Hybrids are lame. Yea the batteries weigh less than a full 1500 but remember that is an old cast Iron block aluminum is way lighter.

I View the X1/9 as one of the few Pure sports cars and currently one of the only ones I can afford. As Raw and wonderful wild my pair of DCOE's are the engine could still use more power. And I will admit modern distributorless ignitions and electronic fuel injection are here to stay and any deviation from this on a new production vehicle is grounds for a corporate Darwin award. This is technology that maintains the X's sporting tradition.

And most all Hybrids are Atkinson cycle engines (very very short duration) that generate a lot of blow by naturally that is corrected by adding more piston rings and causes more internal friction and reduces mechanical efficiency.
The new C6 has 400HP!!! and Gets 28!!!!!!!!!!!MPG
With a six speed 35mpg is easily attainable with a new X
a hybrid might get another 7-10mpg is that worth 7grand grand poor performance to you?

To me adding power windows and latches is just an allowance for the driver to be lazy. A hybrid engine makes it a interesting Econobox that is expensive.

A transversely mounted over square 24Valve inline six mated to a six speed Manuel with a distributorless ignition system and sequential fuel injection and you have a sports car engine. Many fiats would not be alive if it wasn't for the racing history and the racers who know how to fix them and contribute on the forums. How many hybrid owners do you know that do there own servicing? I know we could not work on a hybrid engine.

If we did design a car I think bring back the corvair would be a worthy American car to build a successor.

oh on AC that should be an option because without it you couldn't sell them a lot of places.

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