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their is hope for fiats

February 26 2005 at 7:03 PM
luis castillo 

Hey budds, new guy here, nice chat room and good subject

i like the new shape it quite clean but I would hold out

for a mid engine. It has be that a large company have to feed the masses

befor it can make specialty stuff,like a mid engine..

I will be taking delivery of a 87' bertone

the shifter is good, it runs, trim is compleat and no rust!

the paint is toast , along with all engine bay plastics.and the

exhaust leaks........But,

that should still be a good starting point..

Best Regsrds,LU

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nice thoughts, the large majority of us agree with you

February 27 2005, 11:05 AM 

Welcome to Xweb!

About the X1/99 concept it's obvious that most X1/9 enthusiasts agree with you, to move forward with this concept just to "mass produce" something "cheap" that they can "volume sell" to try for a profit is NOT the way a "new X1/9" should be handled at all.

If they need a mass-producable "cash cow" to pour money into Fiat's coffers, they should be doing that with SOME OTHER MODEL, and SAVE this car until some later time when they have THE MONEY to DO IT RIGHT with a mid-engine.

About your "new" original X1/9, congratulations! Be sure to go visit the X1/9 section of the Xweb Forums (you can get there by clicking the line "the main Xweb Forums" on this section's main page, or just click here) - that is where the talk focuses on the original car, where the talk in this room is mainly about the prospect of a new one being produced.

Again, welcome to Xweb, stick around! This place is full of Xheads from all over the world who are genuinely friendly enthusiasts and there is always room for one more!

Peace, -Mac

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