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April 14 2006 at 4:41 PM

Olivier Kozlowski  (Login kozesq)

Response to Here's THE question!

Not that I speak for the club, but I believe the "official" response would go:

--Q. Say I 'own' the highpoint of my state. Then, the guy nextdoor to me gets busy with a bulldozer and makes his land 2 feet taller than mine, plants grass, and puts a marker and a logbook on top. Is mine still the highpoint?

A. No, his is man-made.

--Q. In 100 years, which would be the highpoint?

A. Yours.

--Q. Does he have a valid claim to owning the highpoint?

A. According to the club, no. But then, people are free to make up their own lists: second highest, man-made HPs, etc.

--Q. What's to stop me from buying a bulldozer a year later and reclaiming my hp?

A. Maybe the fact that you never lost it (at least in the eyes of the club).

--Q. What if his hp was a landfill? What's the difference?
What if he 'makes' his hill out of steel and concrete? Would that make a difference?

A. No, no, no. All man-made.

--Q. If the indians raised a burial mound 1000 years ago that became higher than the 'natural' highpoint, would we know? Would we care?

A. You probably hit the nail on the head with "would we know?" Presumably we'd have some idea. I think I posted a question a while back about whether your favorite HP (IL) was in fact a burial mound and the response came back pretty definitively that it wasn't. Would we care? I suppose it depends on who "we" are. If you went back to do Arvon when Curwood lost out to it; if you crossed the crater on Rainier to get to Columbia Crest; if you go back to climb Jefferson after Hood erupts (oops, looking into the future again), maybe you do. But then again, maybe you don't. Like I said, really kind of turns on what your goals are.

Again, if I can channel the club powers-that-be for a moment, the group was formed when a bunch of people thought that it would be neat to pursue this peculiar goal. If you want to compare apples to apples, you kind of have to agree on what an apple is.

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  • Duh - Olivier Kozlowski on Apr 14, 2006
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