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Kill Your Partner

August 31 2001 at 11:00 AM
roger  (no login)

rec.climbing has a thread discussing the merits of killing your partner (inspired by the scene from Vertical Limit).

Say you're in Simon Yates position, badly injurned partner dangling on
the wrong end of the rope tied to your harness. The ledge yer standin
on is fallin apart. Yer gonna die!

Do you cut the rope?
No, I cut the scene and ask for the screenplay writer to come up with a more
plausible scenario.
Yes, I cut the rope. As does the vast majority of people in the world.
Yates was in deep trouble, and it only would have gotten worse had he been
yanked from his belay seat.

Probably the most inspirational story I've ever read. "Alive" and
"Endurance" were more impressive in many respects, but Simpson was alone and
severely injured. that's what separates him from all others.

You arn't an authentic climber unless you have given someone "the chop."
"The chop", separates the men from the boys, in the climbing universe.
This is a case where the two survived and the story is not twisted .
How many cases are there, where the rope was cut (or the friend left
behind/the oxy 'empty'/ the tent kept closed....)and after that nobody
knows a thing about it?
I know a story of a everest expedition where one sherpa lost his live.
In the media, the climber who was with him, was almost a heroe because
of the 'efforts' he did for saving his life. We, the peers/climbing
community know it was his fault that he died because he went up with a
sick sherpa and not to give oxy because he neede it for getting up the
mountain himself.
I would not kill my partner. At least not while sitting here
in my sunny office. But if that sonofabitch drinks another
drop of my water without asking... I'm gonna plant this
hammer in his skull!

Ever offer a thirsty partner a drink of water and the dude
empties your bottle? Is THAT a killing offense?

Climbing rule number xxx. - Always leave at least a swallow
of water in your partners water bottle, even if they say
"kill it." Trust me on this.
Dude! What a great idea for a movie! Maybe someone could be on an
expedition up Everest or Annapurna or something, and then a couple of people
get caught in a crevasse. They all start dying of AMS, and need to ration
out their hi-tech Anti-High-Altitude serum. Except that this one guy is
real evil, and takes the serum from another guy who's real sick,
intentionally killing him. Then this other girl who's also in the crevasse
finds out and gets into a fight with him, and he finally falls down in the
crevasse and dies, and finally her brother comes up and saves her by
blasting her out of the crevasse with some TNT or something.

We could call the movie "Vertical Boundary."
I would much prefer the fighting to be substituted with gratuitous sex

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