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The annual HP thread

December 12 2005 at 1:37 AM
  (Login markvotapek)

I've held off as long as i can, but it's time for the annual...

Which highpoints did you do in 2005? and What are your highpoint goals for 2006? thread.

As for me, despite being a gazillion miles away from it all, i managed on various trips back to the mainland to do SC, NC, AL, NJ, MA, VA, KY, and a repeat of VT to bring my total to 33. All of them were beautiful in their own way, but a couple of dramatic and fun county highpoints in Haleakala and Mt. Thielsen were my real highpointlights. (highlightpoints?) WY eluded me.

For 2006, it's all up in the air, but i really have high hopes to finally do the John Muir Trail, hitting some CA 14ers and ending atop Whitney. Also, i'm itching to return to my two un-summits, AZ and WY.

happy highpointing!

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(Login jaritter)

None, Darn it...

December 12 2005, 8:47 AM 

Well, neither Nathan nor I added to our state highpoint totals in 2005. However, we did manage to scale a couple of peaks during our 64-mile trek at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. Trail Peak (10,250') has an interesting B-24 wreck (training mission in 1942, part of a wing and the fuselage left on the mountain), and Mt. Philips (11,711') is the second-highest in Philmont, after Mt. Baldy. From the top of Philips, you can see Wheeler Peak in the distance. (We did both Trail Peak and Philips with full packs, so they were a bit more strenuous than they might otherwise have been.) Nathan also finished his Eagle Scout this fall, so even if we didn't check off any more state highpoints, it was a very good year.

Plans for 2006 are still in-process. Nathan may be doing a musical theatre camp in Montana, so I might drive him out there and make a loop through UT/ID and maybe MT if I can find a guide/group. Other opportunities might include HI (an honor choir event, if Nathan decides to go, and we'll look for you out there, Mark) or OR over the Memorial Day weekend.

I definitely want to find some way to bag two more HPs in '06 so I will have my five in the western region and can claim my 40-state (and belated 30-state) pin.

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(Login kozesq)

One, but a good one, for a good cause

December 12 2005, 10:27 AM 

I only managed to add one this year, but I'm pleased with it. I climbed Mt. Whitney as a fundraiser for autism research, getting me to 34. We tried Boundary via the East Ridge Route as an acclimatization hike but got off-route, found ourselves in the scree bowl looking up and decided to save our energy for Whitney the next day.

In 2006 I hope to do AFAR (Ascent For Autism Research) 2, but I need to put together a team I feel comfortable with to attempt Rainier via the Emmons/Winthrop Route. E-mail me if you're interested - no fundraising efforts required on your part and despite the publicity I hope to generate, I still know that the summit is optional, getting back safely is not.

I may also try to head out to AZ for a few days and combine seeing some family out there, maybe catching an AZ Cardinals game with Humphreys Peak. Besides, bagging Rainier and Humphreys will let me get my belated 30-state pin, too! Happy highpointing to all!

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(Login nebben)

just one

December 12 2005, 2:39 PM 

I was lucky enough to have great weather and climbed Hood in February. I'm at a blistering three state highpoints now, and a bunch of county highpoints.


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(Login Hojo76014)

Only revisited Black Mesa

December 12 2005, 3:43 PM 

Black Mesa is the only highpoint we went to this year.

However we visited 3 new State Capitols. In May we went to Sacramento & Carson City, a trip we had planned & saved for over 2 years. Then in October on impulse we went to Juneau, Alaska. I posted a hiking trip report on the hiking we done in Juneau when we got back. We only have 2 Capitols left - Honolulu & Phoenix.

We been saying this for years but we hope that 2006 will finally be the year we re-attempt & succeed at climbing Mt Elbert.

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Mark S
(Login MarkStyczynski)

A very good year

December 12 2005, 4:02 PM 

I believe I visited more highpoints this year than any before. I added 8 new states - FL, AL, MS, AR, LA, MO, IA, IL - and revisited 3 - NH during a Presi Traverse, NY and RI. This brings my total to 31.

For next year, I'm planning two trips ... KS, NE, SD and ND in May and TX, OK, CO and NM in Sepetember. Also looking forward to a February ski trip to Stowe (Mansfield) with my lovely wife for our anniversary.

And I'll only need to work another 300 hours of overtime to afford it all!

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(Login stevetursi)

5 this year

December 12 2005, 9:15 PM 

Got all 5 in a single monster 2817 60-hour roadtrip with 8 hours of sleep (and one encounter with the cops)

I won't post the TR.. if you want to read it, it's available on my web site here:

(steven tursi)

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(Login SteveGruhn)


December 12 2005, 5:24 PM 

I stood atop six state highpoints this year:

Gannett Peak, Wyoming;
Timms Hill, Wisconsin;
Mount Arvon, Michigan;
Eagle Mountain, Minnesota;
Hawkeye Point, Iowa; and
Charles Mound, Illinois (last one in the Lower 48!).

This brings my total number of highpoints visited to 49. Now I only have my homestate highpoint left. I tried that one in 2003, but turned around at about 18,880 feet.

I'd love to finish up in 2006, but we'll see if I can arrange the logistics.

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(Login lobodelnoche)

Only one, but a good one

December 12 2005, 6:24 PM 

My wife and I did Elbert on July those false summits The year ain't over yet, though...maybe we will sneak over to KS and OK to make it an even 20 before the year is out

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Diane Winger
(Login winglady3)

Only one, but a good one (ditto)

December 13 2005, 11:22 AM 

Mt. Rainier!  I'm stopping at 49.


Diane Winger

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Jim Sutton
(Login JimSutton)

A Good Year, and Plenty of Plans for 2006

December 13 2005, 11:59 AM 

This past year was a rather successful one for me, as I was able to pick up four new Northeast States (VT, NH, MA, and RI, which got me my 25-state pin), revistit CN, do all five counties of RI and the RI lowpoint in one day, attend the HPC Convention, and get chosen to host the 2007 WI convention (not sure if that counts as "successful" or just plain foolish, but whatever!). Then a long road trip from Sacramento to Wisconsin last month netted me three more state HPs (SD, ND, and IA), plus the ND low point and the ND-SD-MN tricorner point, plus a lot of really sticky ND clay/mud on my car! Count now at 28.

I hope to make major inroads into the remaining five western states I have left to do (CO, MT, WA, UT, and ID; I hope to try AK on 2007 or so), plus pick up one or two eastern/southern HPs in April when visiting with Tim Webb and friends, and maybe try the "southern six-pack" in conjunction with the 2006 HPC in NC. I also want to push hard on getting as many of the remaining 20 CA cpounties (out of 58) I have left to do. We'll see how all of this works out. As Jack would say, I just hope to "Keep Klimbin'". Good luck to all. Thanks. JES

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(Login Cuber27)

I miss highpointing...

December 13 2005, 9:08 PM new ones since 2001. I've since reclimbed Mt. Washington, but as a poor college student with an unemployed dad, new highpoints are off limits for now.

I do have another, probably achievable goal--the NE 4000'ers. My school has a great outing club, and it's within easy reach of the Whites. So until future notice...

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Will M.
(Login Will_Mokszycki)

Six of Eight.

December 14 2005, 12:23 AM 

After a year of abstinence to host the 2004 convention, it was back to work on the remaining 25. My first trip to the Rockies resulted in 2 (CO and NE) but the flu prevented me from attempting the planned NM or AZ. Did get to visit the Great Sand Dunes NP. Simply awesome! (Thanks Diane & Charlie)

Better luck on the trip to the East for the convention where I was able to add DE, MD, WV, and PA before heading to Maine and the Easternmost point in the lower 48, Quoddy Head State park. Repeated NH on the Cog Train. Completed my last remaining extreme point, Cape Alava in Washington after returning home.

Next year should be busy: 8 Southeast states prior to the convention, and then a late August trip to Gannett and Granite. Might even throw in a quick weekend trip to AZ or NM just for fun.

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(Login SteveHufford)

9 more in 2005

December 14 2005, 4:43 AM 

I'm up to only 24 but did 9 this past year:

South and North Dakota with my wife in early July.

Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona in late July.

Ohio and Indiana in August.

I'm going to Kilimanjaro in February, trying for my 4th country highpoint. Then to Hawaii in March for state highpoint # 25, Lord willing. And possibly Rainier in August.

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(Login SMB)

3 Repeats

December 14 2005, 11:57 AM 

Didn't make it out West this year, so I'm still stuck at 40. While backpacking at Dolly Sods in October, took a friend to do WV, MD and PA highpoints on the way home. I think I have him hooked!

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(Login houstonsbox)

A Good Year with 10 +

December 15 2005, 1:14 PM 

I had a really successful year. I was able to plan a trip thru New England around the konvention. The goal was every state except Maine. I was able to do WV, MD, PA, NJ, MA, missed NY (Katrina's rains washed out my attempt), VT, NH, RI, CT, and finished with lovely and scenic DE. 10 out of 11 is one trip!! Not too bad! I also bagged Washington, DC's Fort Reno before I flew out of Dulles for home. If they ever DC a state, I'll be ahead of the game.

I made an attempt at AZ in May but there was still much snow for me to find and follow the trail. Maybe next year.

This year I'd like to try NV, AZ (again), NM and CA (if I can get a permit).

My total is up to 19(+DC).

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Michael D
(Login dmdhiker)

13 or tell me

December 16 2005, 3:39 PM 

Mt. Whitney was last year after a JMT trek as my first HP, this year I hit 13 or 14 HPs. The confusion occurs because I made it to the summit of Rainier but was not able to get to the actual HP, Columbia Crest. Did the southern eight in the spring, KY, VA, TN, NC, SC, GA, AL, and FL. Hit WI and MI before a backpack trip to Isle Royale. Hit Iowa and SD on the way to WA and caught ND on the way back. I have no set plans other than New Zealand in Feb. Maybe some of the harder western HPs. How would you count Rainier?

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(Login dmdhiker)

wrong place

December 16 2005, 3:42 PM 

Meant to respond to the post in general, not to the specific one I did.

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Mark S
(Login MarkStyczynski)

A debate of the past ...

December 16 2005, 5:24 PM 

There was a good thread on this last year. It is linked below. I heard a rumor that someone had constructed an article out of this thread, but alas, it didn't make A to Z.

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(Login dmdhiker)

Close but not the Highpoint

December 16 2005, 9:40 PM 

I think I knew this beforehand, but after reading the post you noted I will have to give Columbia Crest another try in the future. If anyone wants to invite a newbie climber along to make another attempt, let me know. Rainier was my first climbing experience, I went with RMI. We made it to the summit rim but the guides claimed the winds were to high and it was too cold to take the hour required to get to the crest and back. We stayed at the rim for about 15 minites then decended.

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(Login geoj)

Mt. Rainier

December 19 2005, 9:06 AM 

I am sorry you were duped by RMI. They are notorious for not taking paying clients to Columbia Crest. I have been to Mt Rainier twice. The park rangers as on Denali are wonderful. The guides I have observed at both places are full of themselves and many talk with phony accents, sort of like arrogance in voice form. Read the late Galen Rowell's book In the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods to get an idea of what the Whittaker's are like (owner of RMI).
A ranger told me in 1985 to climb these mountains just follow the yellow brick road. That is to say the wanded traditional routes. It is not pure mountaineering by any means but will give one a feeling of independence. It still takes effort to complete the High Points.
I applaud you for going back to get the true summit of Rainier, I am sure you can make it on your own. You will feel good. It is not uncommon to hear of High Pointer's going back to the Big Four ( Denali, Granite, Gannett, Ranier) several times to achieve success. Good Luck!

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(Login surgent)

Zero new ones...

December 16 2005, 10:38 PM 

2005 was my second year in a row of no new state HPs. My wife and I did visit the Delaware HP - her first visit, my second. We had good success on a number of other peaks in the southwest. For me, I'm faced with the same problem I had in 2004: the ones I need are 3000 miles away minimum, or called Wyoming. The HP convention this year fell at an inconvenient time for us and we could not attend.

In 2006 we have fairly strong plans to visit Hawaii and its HP as well as other points of interest. This will be a new one for me. We also plan to visit her uncle in Wisconsin, so we'll do what we can up there; they're all new for her, repeats for me. It's fun to go back after so many years - I don't mind. West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland HPs are within 2-3 hours of her folks so we may see those, too.

Wyoming has been bothering me for years now. I tried - and failed - in 1999, forced to turn around short of the goal to a massive blister. For some reason I can't seem to work up the jones to go back again... I have a feeling this'll be number 48 of the lower 48 for me, when it gets around to that point.

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(Login miler_coach)

12 HP's

December 18 2005, 7:45 PM 


12 State HP's
6/15 IN, OH, PA, MD, WV,
6/16 VA, KY,
6/17 TN, NC, SC,
6/18 GA + AL
(11 first time + repeat of AL)

3 Marathons
FL - Disney World
MO - Maryville
WI - Milwaukee's Lakefront

Kings, San Benito, Monterey, Mono (14.2K) 2x


10 State HP's + Washington DC
UT first week opf June
WDC While at a business convention in Baltimore
NE Road TRip
Day 1 DE, NJ, CT, MA,
Day 3 NY, VT,
Day 4 NH, ME
Day 6 RI

1 Marathon
OR - Portland 2hr 53min

Imperial, Orange, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Riverside - San Jacinto 10.8K, San Francsico, Marin


4 State HP's

1 Marathon

Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Ventura, Kern,


11 State HP's
May NV
Jun NE, KS, OK, CO
Dec AL, FL, LA, AR, MO, MS

5 Marathons
Jan AZ
Jun CO (w/ 4 SHP & Pikes Peak & Mt Evans)
Oct MD & VA (24 hrs apart)
Dec AL (w/ 6 SHP's in 5 days

1 Marathon
MA - BOston

2 Marathon
NV - Las Vegas
WA - Christmas

1 HP

1 Marathon
CA - Santa Clarita

Inyo, Tulare

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(Login boarderex)

A big goose egg for me

December 19 2005, 1:30 PM 

In terms of highpointing this year was a disappointment with a whopping total of zero new HPs. Our trip to Granite Peak in Sept. was postponed since my girlfriend broke a rib a week before while climbing Wetterhorn Peak in Colorado.

Overall the year was very good though because we were able to finish our more important goal of completing Colorado's 52, 53, 54, 55, or 59 (depending on how you count them) 14,000 foot peaks.

I did make an animated slideshow of our Gannett Peak climb from '04 that I thought HPers might find interesting, broadband recommended. Here's the link to the slideshow, it will run better if you right click on the image and choose "Save Target As" and then run it once it downloads to your computer.
If you get audio but no video, you need to upgrade your Windows Media Player here.

Climbing Gannett Peak

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(Login geoj)


December 19 2005, 4:14 PM 

Rex: Your picture of Gannett Peak is beautiful. Incidentally it's the only one of the Big Four highpoints I got on the first atempt. The other trips were all good though with fond memmories of each and the people I was with.

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(Login DougBe)

A week in the Winds with no rain

December 23 2005, 12:24 PM 

Gannett was the highpoint of this year's highpointing. We took an extended backpack through the Wind River Range to see miles of beauty. On day 5 from Titcomb basin we slogged our way to the Gannett summit in the snow as our friends at home in Denver had a record 106 degree day. We saw nothing above but a few wispy clouds and brilliant blue skies for 7 days. A week I'll never forget. Our Gannett climbing stories warned of daily nasty wet thunderstorms. We felt extremely fortunate.

Also had a chance to bag Katahdin on a side trip from Boston this year. It was a walk in the park compared to Gannett while breathing that nice thick Maine air. Met a bunch of happy, smelly AT completers at the summit.

Granite and Borah are the next target for '06, and Hood and Rainier in '07.

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(Login MohamedEllozy)

1.5 for me

December 19 2005, 5:28 PM 

The real one was the .5: <url http://home.earthlink.met/~ellozy/mount-marcy-winter-2005.html>Mt. Marcy in winter</url>, I count it as a half since I had already visited it in summer.

I also made a second visit to Kathadn in summer, but second visits in summer really do not count. But we had good weather and good company, so who cares about counting???

The new one was a bit of a joke: mighty Jerimoth.

Plans for the coming year include Mts. Frissell and Greylock in winter (to add to Mts. Washington and Mansfield in New England), an off chance of getting onto a trip to Kathadin (again in winter) and then, should I get around to it, a couple of weeks of Sixers bagging (plus neighboring HPs) from Ashville, NC.

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(Login MohamedEllozy)

Re: 1.5 for me

December 19 2005, 5:31 PM 

Darn it, every time I post a URL without previewing it there is an error! Should be Mt. Marcy in winter.

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Mark B
(Login MarkB33611)


December 21 2005, 1:22 AM 

I did Arizona this year...with the exception of Hawaii (which I did as a drive-up) that's the highest one for me so far, in terms of elevation. Expanded my comfort zone with hiking at altitude. I don't have any solid plans for this year, but I would like to take a trip through New England and knock out a bunch in a short period of time. A lot depends on work, I'm settling into a new job here in Hawaii so it might be tough to break away this year for any great length of time.

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(Login markvotapek)

another highpointer in hawaii?

December 22 2005, 4:55 PM 

I was starting to think i was the only one out here. Welcome to the state. I've been lucky to have made friends with some serious hikers here and have found some amazing places. email is markvotapek "at" netscape "dot" net.

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(Login patrickcraft)


December 24 2005, 9:55 AM 

One state HP (Rainier) with Cascades Alpine (highly recommend) and 22 county or independsnt city(Va) HP in Va, Tenn, SC,and NC. Possibly 3? next year. See everybody at konvention in Asheville.

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(Login HyrumW)

Tripled my count

December 31 2005, 3:41 PM 

I managed to triple my current highpoint count from 1 to 3 with the addition of LA and CA, one high and one low. I came close on a couple of others, but the logistics just didn't work out.

This next year is probably our last in Utah for a while, so I hope to get a few more western ones, like ID, AZ, CO, and NM.

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Bill S
(Login bswofford2)

Got 2

January 2 2006, 6:06 PM 

Hawaii and NY. Planning on 4 for 2006 but have never gotten what I planned before.

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(Login JimBurriss)

15 for me

January 2 2006, 8:04 PM 

Had the opportunity to make a few busy trips and bagged a few additional HP's. I now have 28. I am planning to make at least two trips this year. One to CA, NV, AZ, if I can get the permits to Whitney sorted out. Any suggestions on this one??

The other to IL, IA, MN, MI, WI. Got to time this one so I can get to the IL HP on one of the open dates, but should be fun.

Hope all have had a great year and a Merry Christmas.

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(Login kozesq)


January 2 2006, 10:43 PM 

Enter the Whitney lottery. Read up on it here.

If you don't get a permit that way (or, like myself last year, didn't commit to the trip until after the lottery deadline), check here to see what dates are still available and when you can apply for them.

You can usually get at least a mid-week dayhike permit by calling. What you actually get in the mail is not a permit, but a reservation. You have to stop by the ranger station to get your permit, and can do that "1-2 days" before your hike. At that point, see if you can get an unclaimed overnight permit. We were pleasantly surprised to be able to trade in our dayhike permits for overnighters, but we were there mid-week.

Good luck and be safe!

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The Solemates
(Login TheSolemates)

HP Count

January 3 2006, 5:08 PM 

Started highpointing last year. Although we have already been to probably around 15 HPs each individually, we started over and our goal is to get all 50 in 5 years together. Our "year" started November 2004.

From Nov 04 to Nov 05 we got, in order:

From Nov 05 until now, we got, in order:

As of right now, it looks as if in 2006 we will hit more than the needed 12 HPs, as we already have plans for 5 more in March (OK, KS, NE, SD, ND), and at least 3 more in the summer (IL being one since you have to get it in the summer). Then, we may have to slow down for a couple months since a kid's on the way.

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Kevin Baker
(Login KevinBaker)

2 new and 1 repeat

January 9 2006, 11:58 PM 

I didn't get a whole lot of states this year as I am pretty much down to the hard ones plus MN and the SE. In June I was fortunant to summit Borah as there was still quite a bit of snow on the ridge which made things interesting. 3 snowbridges! In July my wife and I did Mauna Kea on our first visit to Hawaii. She drove and I hiked! I also did the short route on Mauna Loa and the hp of Oahu, Kaala, a grunt in the jungle. In Sept following the HP konvention I was able to hookup with Mark Styczynski for Mt Washington and the Presi Traverse. Too bad there weren't any views because that was a lot of work!

For '06, I may only get one new state as I hope to finish the CO 14ers this summer. Rainier may be on the agenda this year if things fall into place.

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Steve & Hoang
(Login sgwood)

Only Florida - does that even count?

January 11 2006, 8:19 PM 

Had the opportunity to go to Maui this year and we already did Mauna Kea on our honeymoon a couple years ago... And we took a family trip to Orlando in July so the 12 hour RT drive out to Britton Hill was fun - and air conditioned.

the fun part about this is that Hoang has been pregnant all year and we can't wait to take the boy to his first HP! (Due date 2/8) Not sure it'll be in 2006 - but definitely by 2007.

Total now equals 17 for us both.

In order, RI, NJ, MA, DE, NH, HI, CT, ME, VT, SC, GA, AL, NY, PA, MD, WV, (DC), FL.

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