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Revenge Recap/Spoiler of Season Finale

May 24 2012 at 6:16 PM

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The show starts off with the White Haired guy supposedly breaking into Emily's house. One problem though, we do not see this. So we are only to go off of what ABC is showing us. We later see Emily going through the Evidence. She has problems with it. She calls Nolan. Who isnt answering b/c he got kidnapped by the White Haired guy.

So Emily (aka Amanda) goes over to Nolan's. Learn hes been kidnapped and she goes to get him freed. She tells the White Haired guy who she is (big mistake in my opinion). She sets him free before the White Haired man comes back from where she sent him thanks to her training she received from the Chinese guy. She sticks around to kill the white haired man but she later sets him free after having a flashback of her and her dad.

After Nolan is freed, while Emily is battling the white haired man. Nolan brings the evidence that they have on Conrad to the feds. He does this anonymously.

We see Charlotte act like a Grayson. She exposes Jamie (Decklins new friend) to the whole school. Apparently at Jamie's old school she made out with a teacher :-/. This upsets Decklin so much later in the show that he doesnt want to speak to her ever again (Charlotte that is)

Ashley tells Daniel about Emily and Jack kissing. Of course this upsets Daniel. Later in the show we see him confront Emily on it. She doesnt deni it. She herself ends up breaking up with Daniel. She tells him that he has turned into everything that he didnt want to turn into. Yet in the back of her mind. She is ready to tell Jack the truth. Tell him that she is the real Amanda.

Of course, as we all know on Revenge, no one lives happily ever after, just look at Victoria and Conrad haha. We see that Amanda (the real Emily) comes back and she is ever so pregnant. Whomp whomp whomp or as they say BUZZ KILL!!!!! Of course, this stops Emily (the real Amanda) from revealing herself to Jack .... BBBBOOOOOOOOOO. She gets very upset over this and Nolan calls her and rushes over to see her.

Conrad gets ready to escape to the Cayman islands. In the process he also offers Lydia a ring for her continued Loyality. However, like I said, nothing is perfect on Revenge. Victoria talks to Lydia later in the show and convinces her to take an 8oclock flight with her to Washington.

The feds call Victoria to thank her for the evidence that they received. She said it wasn't her that is was her son. Which she later finds out he didnt and they fight about David Clarke.

The feds and Victoria discuss how Lydia will not be joining them on their trip to Washington. She said she will take care of that.

Since Emily let the White Haired guy free. We see him later go and talk to Conrad. They discuss how the evidence is in the hands of the Feds and how they are going to be leaving for Washington soon. They discuss what the Feds have offered Lydia in exchange for her testimony. After the conversation with Conrad we see him at the airport and hes loading a bomb to the plane.

Conrad goes to try and stop Victoria from boarding the plane. Which of course, she doesnt listen. The way he is acting you would think he knew what the white haired guy was going to do to it.

As news spreads about the plane, Charlotte overdoses and Conrad finds her. Emily gets even more upset bc the evidence was on the plane. She learns that Nolan backed up all the evidence and they still have it! WWWOOO HHHHOOO!

Emily finds out that her mom is alive!!!! BOMB SHELL!!!!!!

Who do you think died if anyone in the plane crash?

Will Charlotte live or die?

Who is Emily's mom? Will this impact her moving like she was planning to do?

What is next for Jack and Amanda (aka the real Emily). Is that really HIS baby????

Will Emily (aka the real Amanda) ever come out of the closet about herself or will the white haired man expose her?!

What is Emilys next move in her plan IF she still has one!

Will Lydia and Conrad get married if she is alive!

If Victoria is alive how revengeful will she be next season after Conrad???

Do you think Nolan and Emily will risk again trying to expose Conrad? Do you think they will back off!

Now that Jack and Amanda are expecting. Do you think he will want that check back from Daniel?

What do you think will become of Daniel and Ashlee if anything. Or will Daniel try to get back with Emily.

Will we ever know who the White Haired man is?!

* Sept will be awesome when it comes back, that is for sure!!!!

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