May 5, 1987 - Days Of Our Lives - Shane & Kimberly

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Response to Old SOD Scans and Articles

May 5, 1987 Vol. 12, No. 9

Articles included are the cover story in two parts - The Romance of Shane and Kimberly and the Making of Super Couple.

Other features and interviews in this issue:
And the Bride Wore. . . A Look at Some Spectacular Wedding Photos

At Home With DYNASTY's Jack Coleman (ex-Jake Kostichek - DAYS, currently on one of my shows - HEROES)

Mother's Day Tribute: Who Are TV's Best Mothers?

Cover Story – FRIENDS AND LOVERS: The Romance Of Shane And Kimberly (Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) by Stella Bednarz

Chapter 1:

The first time he saw her was through the lens of a telescope. The closer he got, the better she looked.

Dashing Englishman Shane Donovan was an agent for the I.S.A. His mission: track down the nefarious Stefano DiMera and the three prisms. He suspected the woman might know something, so Donovan rented an apartment across the street from her flat.

Petite and lovely, with a peaches-and-cream complexion and a mane of golden hair to match, Kimberly Brady had returned to Salem from Europe to start over. A childhood victim of sexual abuse, low self-esteem led her into prostitution as an adult. She desperately wanted a new life, but hadn’t quite left the old one behind. One day, Kim’s place was ransacked. Her brother Roman, a police detective/I.S.A. operative, was forced to introduce his little sister to the intruder who had been keeping an eye on her. The young woman was alarmed – Captain Donovan knew about her clandestine prostitution. Clearly intrigued, the gallant spy promised discretion.

The shared secret connected the two, who were soon entwined in one another’s lives. When Donovan learned that she was being blackmailed back into prostitution, he provided an electromagnet which erased an incriminating video tape and set her free. In turn, she helped him solve the prism case, though it meant an uneasy flirtation with an ex-client. Despite their innocent first kiss, which took place beneath mistletoe, the relationship remained platonic – more or less.

Inevitably, evening after evening, Captain Donovan was found lingering at Ms. Brady’s door. Over the course of several months, the pair seemed to consume gallons of Earl Grey as they gazed longingly over their teacups. They made love with their eyes, though their bodies never touched. Shane and Kimberly were solitary people who had long ago learned to hide their emotions behind protective walls. Kim mistakenly felt her scarred past was responsible for Shane’s reticence, but he eventually revealed that his wife, Emma, had died in a bombing caused by his work. He couldn’t stand to lose someone again. Still, Shane invited Kim to accompany him to his Cotswolds estate. After much soul-searching, she decided to go, but missed the flight. Broken-hearted, Shane left alone, convinced that she didn’t care.

Chapter 2:
Oh, To Be In England

When Ms. Brady turned up on his doorstep a few days later, the lord of Donovan Manor reacted with icy hauteur. What kind of game was she playing, he wondered. The misunderstanding was settled and Kim retired to an upstairs guest room. When Shane came in to help her adjust the drapes, their casual physical contact was electrifying.

“No words,” he murmured, then carried her to the bed. Unsure and afraid, she broke free of his embrace. “I love you,” Shane said softly, and admitted he should have told her ages ago. “I love you,” Kimberly joyfully responded. Only then were they able to give themselves to one another. Friends became lovers.

Their happiness ended at a masquerade ball, when a woman dropped her disguise. It was Emma Donovan – alive! Drugged and brainwashed, she was an accomplice to the murderous Dragon, a mad anti-monarchist. Shane was caught between his past and his present.

Chapter 3:
Blinded By Love

Unwilling to complicate her lover’s life, Ms. Brady did the honorable thing and flew home, where she finally faced the recurring eye problem the doctors diagnosed as papillitis. In solitude, Kimberly entered a world of darkness.

Meanwhile, Shane was unable to forget her. With Emma in tow, he journeyed to Salem and learned of Kim’s blindness. When he stood in her doorway, she instinctively knew he was there. Love, pain, despair – all manner of emotion flashed between them, and they fell into one another’s arms. But Kimberly bravely announced she had to face the future alone. Though she displayed a stubborn streak, it was no match for Donovan’s tenacity. In the months that followed, his devotion never wavered. If not lovers, they would be friends.

Emma’s true nature gradually revealed itself. She played the part of a fragile English flower, but Mrs. Donovan was actually a vicious psychotic. She knew Kimberly had her husband’s heart, and hated her for it. Once Emma paid Kim a visit and pocketed the precious cameo that Shane had given Ms. Brady. Then Emma broke a window and had the blind woman desperately search on her hands and knees over shards of glass for the missing keepsake.

The game turned deadly when a date was set for the Donovan’s divorce hearing. At the same time, Kimberly learned that her papillitis was in remission and that she was instead suffering from hysterical blindness. Emma’s plotting against Kim reached its peak when the soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Donovan rigged the Curtis stables with explosives, then lured her prey to the site. A fire broke out, trapping Kim. Fortunately, Shane saw the blaze and raced to rescue her. As he went to clear a path to the door, Kimberly heard an overhead beam crack. Fear for Donovan’s life restored Kim’s sight and she yelled a warning just in time for him to jump out of the way of the falling timber.

Making their way through thick smoke, the pair escaped and collapsed outside. Only then did they realize what had occurred. “I saw the beam fall. I can see you!” Kimberly cried ecstatically. At that moment, Victor Kiriakis appeared. Kim had recently come under the omnipotent crime boss’s protection and she was at that time his houseguest. Thinking quickly, Ms. Brady feigned blindness. Shane then maneuvered her from Kiriakis’s grasp and spirited her to his home.

Kimberly looked in the mirror and saw her reflection for the first time in months. But she turned away and gazed up at Shane, admitting, “I just want to look at you.” They desired one another in a way only lovers separated by fate could understand. In the light of day, Kim repeated her wish to remain with Kiriakis and gather evidence to nail him – for he was Donovan’s latest assignment. Shane was highly skeptical, but Kim assured him, “I’ll be all right. Trust me.”

Chapter 4:
Sacrifices and Secrets

Shane and Kim conducted a private romance that saw Donovan scaling walls and outsmarting security systems to reach his lover. He naively assured her, “Nothing ever happens when two people love each other.”

The showdown came in Miami, at Kiriakis’s palatial estate. Victor’s once solicitous attitude toward Ms. Brady had taken an erotic turn. One fateful afternoon, Shane asked Kimberly to detain Kiriakis. When Donovan tapped into the computer in Victor’s study, an alarm system activated a time lock, trapping him inside. Kim overheard her host announce he’d kill Donovan when the study doors opened at 4:00 p.m.

She tried to verbally stall Victor, but reluctantly realized there was only one weapon left if she was to save the man she loved: seduction. As she enticed Victor into bed, Shane safely escaped and saved Bo and Hope’s lives. In his lust, Kiriakis didn’t see the solitary tear roll down Kimberly’s cheek, or notice her fists tightly clench as she lay beneath him.

She never told Shane of her sacrifice. It wasn’t long, however, before Ms. Brady’s flu symptoms were diagnosed as morning sickness. She was pregnant. But since Kim had slept with both Shane and Victor during the same 24-hour period, it was impossible to identify the baby’s father. Unaware of her condition, Shane masterminded a romantic escapade in snowy Vermont and the couple became engaged.

Back home, Kim was consumed with guilt and contemplated telling him the truth, but her mother pressured her into silence. So Kim presented her fiancé with an early Christmas gift, a rattle, and announced it was for “his baby.” The father-to-be was absolutely thrilled. “When we first laid eyes on each other, did you ever think it would come to this?” Shane wondered.

Chapter 5:
Alone Again

“The child you’re carrying could be mine!” Victor screamed at Kimberly. Tragically, Shane viewed the entire confrontation on closed circuit TV at the Kiriakis mansion. He was devastated, and returned home to await his fiancée.

“Why?” Shane demanded. The tension was unbearable and he was in a rage Kim had never seen before. She confessed, “I did it for you,” and tearfully related the humiliating experience. There had been so many lies. “Why couldn’t you love me enough to trust me?” Donovan asked. But it was too late. He could forgive what she’d done, but not the deception that followed. Kimberly sadly handed him the ring and moved into the guesthouse with Peachy, Shane’s partner.

From the depths of despair, Kimberly found inner strength fired by a powerful motivation to protect her baby. Shane gained new admiration for Kim as he witnessed her resiliency and quiet resolve. Her work at the child abuse clinic, while always important, took on even more significance. As Kim’s pregnancy advanced, the ex-lovers’ paths continued to cross. Very slowly, they drew closer.

Chapter 6:

Captain Donovan was in pursuit of the Pawn (a.k.a. Roman) and the chase led to the West Virginia wilderness. Shane and Kimberly were forced to spend a night in the open. Kim’s pains, infrequent at first, grew in number and intensity. By morning, the couple realized that she was in labor. Quickly, he located a vacant hunting cabin and carried her inside. Then Shane gave her the engagement ring (which he’d carried all this time) to hold for luck.

The mother-to-be was in a state of panic. Only seven months along, the fetus was in a dangerous breech position. Putting on a brave front that belied his anxiety, Donovan turned the baby and prepared for the delivery. Calm and reassuring, Shane gave Kimberly his strength to draw on. Finally, the baby was born. “We have a son,” Shane announced, his voice choked with emotion. An intimate bond had been forged between Shane, Kimberly and a tiny boy named Andrew Shawn. After their rescue, the trio were brought back to Salem. The infant settled into the hospital’s neo-natal unit and a paternity test was administered. Even before the results were known, Shane resolutely slipped the diamond ring back on Kimberly’s finger and decided that, no matter what, Andrew was his son.

Now wed to Alex, Emma was still vowing to “make Kimberly Brady suffer.” To that end, Mrs. Marshall found the paternity test and altered it so that Victor – the wrong man – was identified as Andrew’s father. When even that failed to split up Shane and Kim, Emma put her contingency plan into effect. She kidnapped the infant on the day he was to go home from the hospital and gave him to baby sellers in Cleveland. Of all the misfortune that Shane and Kimberly had endured, this was, by far, the cruellest torture. Emma was identified as the abductor, but she cleverly faked insanity and was committed to an institution.

The relentless strain of Andrew’s disappearance exposed old insecurities and unresolved conflicts, leading to yet another Donovan/Brady estrangement. Frustrated, helpless, angry, Shane and Kimberly vented their emotions on each other, and the harsh words inflicted deep wounds. Though still in love, they separated. Seldom had a breakup been executed by two more uneager participants. The ex-lovers conferred frequently about Andrew and continued to stare at each other, but otherwise led separate lives.

Chapter 7 :
Of Death…And Desire

Shane deduced that if Emma was released, she might lead them to Andrew, so he arranged for her freedom. Then Donovan convinced his ex-wife that he truly wanted her back, claiming that if Kim got her baby, she would be out of his life forever. Unfortunately, Emma caught on to the scheme. At Neil Curtis’s New Year’s Eve party, the malevolent Mrs. Marshall delivered a vitriolic diatribe against her enemies. Hours later, she was dead. Having violently argued with Emma that evening, Ms. Brady was the prime suspect.

It was a bizarre irony that Kimberly’s indictment and trial for Emma’s murder brought her and Shane together. “We’ve learned to trust each other, at last,” he observed. But despite a promising breakthrough, the trial went badly. Then, under cross examination, Kim blurted, “I loved him,” when questioned about Shane. While the jury deliberated, it was time for truth-telling. “I never stopped loving you for one minute, not for one second,” Kimberly proudly admitted. Shane vowed, “Nothing is ever going to keep us apart.” Except the verdict: guilty!

Chapter 8:

The lovers shared a single night of freedom before Kim was to be taken away. In a room softly glowing with candlelight, they made love with breathless urgency and passion. No more secrets, no more walls. Again, she wore his ring. Morning came far too quickly, and with it a sentence of life imprisonment.

With Kim behind bars, Donovan tracked Emma’s killer with a zealot’s fervor. His quest uncovered the shocking truth: Andrew was living in Salem as Paul and Barbara Stewart’s son, and all clues pointed to the adoptive mother as the murderess. Mrs. Stewart’s deathbed statement cleared Kim, who was released from prison.

Shane could finally do what he’d promised so many months ago. Kimberly was gazing at the fire when he carried Andrew into the room. She turned and stood when she saw them, but was unable to move, transfixed at the sight. Silently, Shane went to her and placed the baby in her arms. They were together, all of them, at last. It was time to plan the wedding that would unite them forever. . .


The Making Of a Super Couple by Stella Bednarz

Patsy Pease and Charles Shaugnessy come out from behind the scenes at DAYS OF OUR LIVES to offer inside observations on Shane, Kimberly and each other.


It was absolutely fated. They could not be involved with anyone else. They’re really kindred spirits.
Patsy: Their kind of romance and the kind of draw between them is like star-crossed lovers. It’s almost as if they knew each other from another time; that kind of unquestioned love.


They were very afraid to admit it. They both had intellectual, sensible reasons not to get involved when, in fact, they were both really emotional cowards. If either of them admitted they loved the other one, it would be a kind of surrender. Both a prostitute and a spy, that is their stock-in-trade, manipulation. Two people from totally different worlds, but who’ve been used to living their lives with that element of control of other people.


The problems that keep them apart are in themselves. For the last two and a half years, they’ve been destroying their own relationship and building it again through nothing other than their own flawed characters. What makes them different is that hey hold the answers and the questions in their own hands.


We were doing a very romantic dinner scene and Charlie popped the champagne cork and it flew straight up in the air and we didn’t see it for a split second. He continued the line and he went,” Oh well, my dear,” and boom! Right down on his head, which kind of broke the mood.
Charles: During dress rehearsal, we had a scene at Victor’s house. I climbed into Kim’s bedroom window, got into her bed and was actually lying under the covers. She gets in, and Victor walks in but doesn’t know I’m there. During the break, I got out of bed and, unbeknownst to Patsy, one of the prop men got in under the covers. They started the scene, Victor left and she goes, “Okay, Shane, you can come out now.” Then, the prop man popped out and sort of gave her the fright of her life!”


I was a wreck! I guess, in a way, we do choreograph our love scenes. We don’t leave it for this random slurping about the face, because that’s not attractive and it certainly does not look desirable. The thing about love scenes is not to do all the feeling yourself; it’s to allow the audience to feel.
Charles: Nervous and excited. In a way, because you had such a buildup. It is acting, and if you do it well enough, you’re going to get results. Obviously, it helps that we get on. We would take enormous care over literally how we would kiss. “Nibble this lip here,” then, “Move to that side,” then, “I’ll just bite this lip here.” To that kind of detail for maximum impact. Now we’re destroying all the myths.


Charlie’s my buddy; he’s just about the sweetest soul I know. I don’t see that Charlie has those strong defense mechanisms that Shane does. If you confront Charlie about something, he’s automatically compassionate and automatically wants to know and resolve issues, whereas Shane sometimes gets very defensive and will game play with Kim. They’re both very inquisitive, very intelligent, are both the same height, have the same accent. . .
Charles: Patsy and Kimberly are both very spirited and have a lot of determination and strength. Patsy’s much more direct than Kim. They both have a lot of fun in them; a good sense of humor; a sense of mischief. Patsy more so than Kimberly. Patsy has a great sense of mischief. When she’s on a roll, she’s kind of like a sprite and you never quite know what she’s going to pull next. She’s great fun when she’s like that.


I like it when people wonder, “Are they really attracted to each other, or are they really acting?” I like it when people don’t know, and I want to keep it that way!

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