is assimilation a bad thing?

October 23 2009 at 11:51 PM

Response to Juche is anti racist


I can't really see that Nick Griffin would have too much problem with that sort of thing. National-chauvinists of all nations are sometimes in favour of other people assimilating with their nation, but they are always horrified at the idea of their people assimilating with other nations.

Let's get real - people move about, they always have done, they always will do. At first they retain their culture, then they integrate, then finally, over a few generations, they assimilate. Meanwhile, new groups of migrants moved in and out, and so on. You'd be hard pressed to find evidence of a distinct Huguenot identity in Britain today, for example.

OK - so people of Korean origin and ancestry live in Japan. That's a natural consequence of Japanese imperialism, as well as of the proximity of Korea to Japan. As I understand it, racist attitudes in Japan may well tend to encourage or even force the assimilation process, but the process would happen anyway. Over a few generations, they would become Japanese. And why not? There is nothing eternal or uniquely wonderful about being a Korean - unless you are the sort of Korean nationalist who sees things in racial terms.

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