August 12 2010 at 10:59 PM
Mervyn Drage 



There is a tendency for people like you Roger Hollis, Jeremy Hawthorn and others to personalise and sloganise rather than engage in a proper, honest communist debate.

We are open to constructive criticism, not personalised nit picking and slander.

Life is a dialectical and also contradictory process; under monopoly capitalism, we struggle to survive and we have to sacrifice if we are dedicated revolutionairies; and obviously, as individuals, we make mistakes.

But so do communist parties.

What you did not do Roger is identify the way forward for the communist movement in Britain.

What we have to admit to is that the communist movement in Britain is tiny and splintered and factionalist, we have to ask why is our communist movement so much smaller than say the movement in Greece and Portugal?

Perhaps it has something to do with Britain being a highly developed imperialist power with a strong ruling class and state apparatus?

Also it is the Labour Party which is at fault; it chases rainbows and pretends to be socialist/ left social democratic when it wants to be; but in essence like the Tories and Lib Dems,it is an integral part of the capitalist dictatorship.

The CPB and NCP should be shouting this fact from the roof tops, not pretending that the Labour Party could be saved if only the lefts and socialists in the Party were in the leadership.

They never will be; the current crop of leadership candidates are all Oxbridge educated, privileged, anti communists and craven apologists for the capitalist dictatorship.

Unions should not be nominating these nobodies for leadership, but should be encouraging working class fighters to assume leadership.

Along the way we have to reject state interference with and control of the unions.

Communists have to stop having petty bourgeois illusions about the Labour Party.

We should be about ditching the Labour Party as a class enemy Party, we should be working in the trade unions and communities to build a united and strong Communist Party.

In Government from 1997-2010, as we all know, Labour promoted pro big business, anti working class policies and its leaders supported every imperialist military adventure with the Yanks and NATO.

The legacy of the last Labour Government was that it was in short: a Party of mass, permanent unemployment and foreign, predatory wars in order to seize raw materials.

It calls itself "Labour" but it has never concerned itself with the toiling workers, underclass and immigrants; on this nothing has changed for nearly 90 years.

It calls itself "Labour" but every time it gets into power it kow tows to the capitalist ruling class and the state apparatus/Crown.

Its a disgrace that Labour and trade union dignitaries should accept awards from the enemy class Monarchy. This is just one example of the failings of the leadership of the labour movement, which both the revisionist CPB and NCP swoon over.

We repeat again: it is the duty of a real, incorruptible Communist Party to build a mass Party and stop tailing Labour. This is the key to our future success. We will of course, and currently do, encounter major opposition from the state apparatus, the media and the anti socialist education system.

It is also the duty of real communists to act in solidarity with Cuba, Vietnam, the DPRK, Palestine, Iran and many anti imperialist nations.

Its also our duty to support the international communist movement, currently based in Athens via the KKE and Solidnet.

Best Wishes,

Yours Fraternally,

Comrade Mervyn Drage.

For the establishment of a genuine Bolshevik type Communist Party in Britain.

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