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August 14 2010 at 7:33 AM
Jeremy Hawthorn 



OK Mervyn, here is one of the problems. You write: "What we have to admit to is that the communist movement in Britain is tiny and splintered and factionalist." So what is your solution to this? Set up yet another Communist party!! Who will belong to this party except you? Certainly not those in all the other parties with whom you have been unable to work for the past 30 years. So that in spite of your use of the royal "we" (I thought you were an anti-royalist, by the way), we will have yet another miniscule party claiming - like most of the others - Marxist-Leninist, Bolshevik purity. (Given that Bolshevik means, as I recall, "minority", that might just be a fitting name.)

What is it about the left that causes us have more splits than the Bolshoi ballet?

And as for appealing to the general public, or the advance guard of the working class - if you think that they are panting to join a "Bolshevik" party along the lines you suggest, then you really should get out more.

It has always been a good sign of ultra-leftists that they spend most of their energy in attacking other groups on the left. Set up your party then Mervyn, rather than pointing out what's wrong with the rest of the left, and we'll see whether you succeed in building a big, unsplintered and non-factionalist communist party. But I wouldn't book too big a hall for the inaugural meeting.

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