Good bye, badly

November 19 2010 at 10:27 PM
Perry Striker 

Response to Mary Rosser Tribune tribute

Very bitter and twisted. To utilise your wifes death as an opportunity to assault the Communist Party of Britain is cheap, sad and rather disgusting. That is no way to salute your partner. I wish Mike peace, but I suspect not in this life.

Mike and Mary played an absolutely magnificent and sterling role in defending and fighting like absolutely bloody hell the old CPGB and the Morning Star against the appalling onslaught and corruption of the so-called eurocommunists. (Anyone who follows this site will know I do not regard the homosexual leaning, right wing revisionist, liberal/SDP faction who took over the CPGB in the 1980s as genuine eurocommunists).

Mike, Mary and many other comrades played an absolutely outstanding role in re-establishing the Communist Party in Britain. They steered and led it through the traumatic times of the collapse of the USSR and the socialist countries. Unfortunately, they agreed a wrong assessment of that collapse, but they deserve the credit for ensuring the survival and continuity of the Communist Party in Britain, through that period.

Sadly, Mike and Marys increasing feeling that as a result of their own acknowledged contribution to the struggle that the CPB and the Morning Star were as of right their own personal property to do as they will and, frankly, dictate over others, to become increasingly paranoid over the consequences of the party attracting and recruiting into membership new and talented forces, to abuse and denigrate the decision of comrades like Ken Gill and Mick Costello to (re)join the CPB as surrender, meant it was ultimately right to dismiss Mike Hicks and replace him as General Secretary by Robert Griffiths.

I am sorry, but building communist unity and the developing of a clear and progressive perspective within the real labour movement took precedence over the disintegrating personalities of people around Mike and Mary.

Mike was removed as General Secretary by an EC elected at a Congress which he had no cause or reason to claim was factional. He tried that on from the previous Congress which elected an EC which did try and throw him out and that was investigated and dealt with appropriately. He raised no issue whatsoever with the Congress which elected the EC which finally did throw him out.

Wouldnt it have been impressive if Mike, Mary and their factional comrades had accepted their dismissal with dignity and discipline, and as we other mortals would have done, got on with the business of developing and contributing the politics and organisation of a Communist party?

No, they chose to use the Morning Star as a platform to re-project their dismissed leadership roles, sacking the editor John Haylett, resulting in a massive strike which the Hicks-Rosser family faction lost, but which could easily have resulted in the end of the Star itself.

And for their role in triggering that violent attack on the Morning Star, a paper owned and managed by the Peoples Press Printing Society, bringing it to the point of destruction, they were disciplined. Correctly and appropriately.

If Mike and Mary were real communist men and women, they would have been disciplined and correct to simply accept they were no longer in leadership positions, but would have continued to contribute to the building of the communist Party in Britain. They have not. Their loss. Not ours.

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