Traditional factionalism

November 22 2010 at 3:27 PM
Captain Winters 

Response to What is Mike Hicks smoking?

I really want the party to grow beyond the lasting effects of the destruction of the old party. The key point is it needs to recruit beyond the current 'market' of potential and existing members. It needs to concentrate on ordinary people rather than family members, self-interested big wigs and strange 'alternative' types-I.E lonely losers.

The trouble with the CPB is many of its members do not put in hours of work to build the organisation, they use it to further themselves as an individual.There are many problems with having a large section of your membership as nothing less than egotists.

We need the communist party of britian to grow, people need to stop taking things like votes for positions personally and stop damaging the organisation with petty vendettas. The party almost died in the 90s and it was only sustained partly by heroic amounts of effort and partly by people 'encouraging' their sons and daughters to get involved. The party suffered and is suffering from some people treating it as a family business that exists only to boost their own profile.

Lets not let anybody get in the way of building the party. Too many strange people in the party want to turn it into some cult-like social club. We could start to marginalise these idiots by concentrating recruitment on ordinary working class folk.

Less family members who see the party as their property, less big heads who only want to further their own agendas, less social outcasts who see communism as a little niche subculture that makes them different from everyone else,

Lets recruit ordinary men and women who have friends and families, who are part of their communities, who enjoy football over the elitist activities of some CPB members. The party cannot become a proper party if it continues to build itself on certain families, career minded opportunists, or weird vegetarian individualists who live on their own.

Lets re-engage with ordinary working class communities

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