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January 5 2011 at 6:52 PM
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No, Skeptic, most of your suppositions about me are comically wide of the mark. I have systematically demolished attempts by you and others to misrepresent the past (you call it "carpet bombing"!).
Instead of challenging my facts and analysis, you end up by wittering that the truth must lie "somewhere in between" 1 EC member being forced off the CPB EC and "almost 50%". Why must it? I am challenging you as I challenged Mike Hicks to name those forced off the EC. And because there was one faction (Hicks-Rosser), you bleat that there must therefore have been two, and that opposing factions usually lie.
Are you incapable of rebuttal? Do you have any alternative facts or evidence? Are you able to make assessments that come down on one side or another - or are two sides always as bad as one another?
Do you always collapse into some marshy misddle ground?
Yet you are free with your speculations about me, where I stand, what my motives are etc. Why not deal in facts, dear boy or girl, facts. And if you haven't got any, on what are your ludicrous suppositions based?
Falsified PC minutes - fact, they exist, EC members saw them, touched them, read them.
Falsified accounts - fact, ditto.
Members of EC not forced out - fact, ditto.
On what basis do you now presume to dispute any of this? None of the Hicks-Rosser faction have done so before now, although Bellamy was factually inaccurate in his one specific asttempt on one single count (Ritman was not on the EC when suspended and later expelled).
As for my non-existent sympathies for Straight Left? Pathetic - which makes me think you are not the naieve, innocent seeker after truth that you pretend to be. I was far closer to Griffiths on every contentious issue.

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