January 10 2011 at 3:26 PM
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Response to Most Haunted

Two points regarding the above, and some new information:

1. Skeptic claims to know who I am, having failed to substantiate any of his/her recycled Hicks-Rosser material dressed up as an "innocent" search for the truth. If s/he does, s/he would know that I have never been a member, supporter or sympathiser with Straight Left. I opposed their voting strategy at the PPPS AGMs before 1988 and many of their "flagship" policies (eg. on electoral strategy); I have never attended, or been invited to attend, their events, given them money or sold their paper (although I bought it a few times); and I supported re-establishment of the party in 1988 (which Straight Left opposed). If you know me, then you know this is true. But I suspect you are bullshitting as usual, having failed to substantiate any of your other "speculations" on this thread.
As for me supposedly knowing who Skeptic is - I haven't a clue, and couldn't care less.

2. In response to another point above: Joan Bellamy didn't get elected to the CPB executive at the 1997 congress.

According to the 1997 Congress Report, the following 13 were elected to the EC and - without wishing to misrepresent any of them - I believe voted for Mike Hicks at the January 1988 EC meeting:

Ron Bellamy - left party, no disciplinary action
Barney Crockett - ditto
Mike Hicks - ditto
Francis Wilcox - ditto
Andrew Clark - ditto
Mary Rosser - ditto
Tish Newland - ditto
Paul Corry - ditto (after resigning as Press Officer)
Monty Goldman - later elected Treasurer, still a party member
Tommy Morrison - still an EC member
Ian Morrison - remained on EC and in the party
Gill Thackary - don't know what happened to her, but no disciplinary action
Geoff Bottoms - still a party member, on the EC until recently
Pete Ritman - suspended then expelled (my mistake about him no longer being on the EC).

So that's 1 forced off the EC out of 30 (not quite "almost 50%" is it), and another 8 or 9 leaving the EC and the party. At least 4 of the 13 who voted for Hicks changed their view within months after seeing the evidence of falsification and misappropriation in black and white.

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