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April 30 2012 at 11:18 AM
Kim Philby 

Response to eye-witnesses, good and bad

and what you say about the "Good Source" can equally be applied to the "Bad Source" because defectors will say whatever their new host wants them to say (at least until their new citizenship has been irrevocably granted). Defections in the Korean peninsula go both ways and those who go north paint a different picture of south Korean society -- a fact ignored by Messrs Cole, Fauvet and Hawthorn who only seek the truth if it is uttered by the likes of the BBC and the Voice of America. These are the august bodies that told us about the non-existent "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq and the "mass rapes" of Col Gaddafi's soldiers in Libya to drum up support for Nato wars.

Prof Hawthorn raises the question of the DPR Korea's propaganda which he clearly intensely dislikes and disbelieves. What he should remember is that the DPRK's propaganda is 90 per cent focused on south Korea and the overseas Korean community and not the world communist movement or what we used to call world public opinion.

South Korean propaganda is part of the global anti-communist barrage of lies against socialism and anyone opposed to what the Americans used to call the "free world" and more recently the "new world order".

South Korean propaganda is also, of course, primarily aimed at the north with ludicrous stories of the premature and secret deaths of all the Kims -- much like the bourgeois speculation on Brezhnev's imminent death which went on for years during the Cold War -- and bogus "documentary" footage of alleged labour camps prepared largely for the Western audience. I recall one shown a few years ago which purported to show a firing squad in action in some sort of detention camp near the border with China. The accents of all the actors were southern and the firing squad was based on the practice used by the US army rather than the DPRK method of capital punishment which would be carried out -- like China and the former USSR -- by a policeman. But crime is virtually non-existent in north Korea (unlike the south) -- a fact attested not only by the "tourists" Francis derides but also by the international aid experts that worked in the DPRK in the late 1990s when the DPRK was recovering from a spate of natural disasters.

Prof Hawthorn, and the others who still claim to be socialists on this board, should indeed visit the DPRK to see reality for itself instead of through the eyes of bourgeois propagandists.


H A R Philby


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