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May 14 2012 at 3:20 AM

Response to reformism, opportunism - and pessimism


I tend to share most of Francis King's assessment although from a slightly different perspective perhaps. In the immediate situation many Greeks of the left (and beyond which is a crucial point) will not support withdrawal from the eurozone far less the EU.
The KKE is undoubtedly correct in its overall analysis of the whole EU project and correct to criticise those who believe that it's possible to reject the EU-imposed bailout and somehow be forgiven by the German and French bankers who, it is fair to say, have a not inconsiderable clout within the EU institutions.
I think the KKE is also quite correct to say that this strategy of Syriza is illusory. However, the point is how do you dispel illusions? Could there be some way of the KKE participating in an anti-bailout alliance and escalate the level of confrontation with the EU and thereby also highlight the contradictions of the Syriza strategy?
I'm honestly not sure. Clearly the KKE believes not and that it is better to suffer short term losses (again I think FK is correct and opinion polls show Syriza support ballooning) in order to reinforce its longer term credibility. This may be a risky strategy and a lost opportunity. Again, I don't know for sure but we will pretty soon find out.
However, it is not simply the KKE that have suggested that Greece should not remain within the eurozone but an increasing number of bourgeois economists. The country simply cannot service the "bailout" (which in any case is for the bankers not the Greek people)when its productive economy has all but collapsed. So a Syriza government (even a Pasok/ND one) may still find itself forced outside the eurozone at some point. So I think the point about the KKE alternative causing "economic disruption" is beside the point, whatever happens next will disrupt the economy the question as always is who will pay for it and who will blink first.
Interesting times.

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