Need a modern replacement for "Zinoviev" as author

September 15 2016 at 11:35 PM
Betty Brown 

Response to CPB 54th Congress to be cancelled

At least when the Daily Mail published the mysterious insider track of the "Zinoviev letter", it at least carried some intellectual interest and some creative panache, unlike the childish effort that begun this thread.

Now, far be it from me to suggest that an anonymous "inside" voice spewing forth on the forthcoming (relatively minor) British CP congress is anything like trying to scupper the CPGB in it's infancy, but I suspect that the same mischievous outlook and spirit are common to both. But at least the authors of the "Zinoviev letter" were probably quite honest among themselves about their anti-communist outlook - its probably how they got the gig in the first place!

From what I see the CPB comrades & friends seem to be doing stuff, or at least attempting things - which is probably what catches the ire of some individuals who apparently do sweet FA, and resent those that even try.

I know various colleagues who have regular branch meetings, but they are the first to say that branches across the country need building up and strengthening. But the Communist Renewal local discussions seem to be fruitful, and I certainly have heard of real growth of activists politically, if not at the necessarily numerical growth yet.

Which brings me on to the Corbyn effect. Some have lazily taken the interest in Corbyn's anti austerity message as a stick to beat Communist with - "is the CPB suffering" etc?
But this immature poisonous glee could equally be applied to why Trade Union membership hasn't blossomed proportionally in the rush to join Labour. Some "Former Communists" who like sticking it to actual real-world modern day Communists (with their attendant limitations) seem afraid to follow through on the logic of their position - and I suspect is because like the plot of some clich├ęd horror thriller, at the end they would realise that THEY are the dead and gone ghosts lingering on in complete delusion, and those whom they have been attacking are what they boasted they once were.

As an aside, I did notice that there's been a really worthwhile event on 80 years since the International Brigades in Scotland. If anyone is lacking warmth in their political blood or some fire in their bones, I'd recommend you watch some of it. It features Ernst Thalmann's grand-daughter along with others.

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