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September 16 2016 at 9:12 PM
Wake up Lil Suzy 

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Nigel Farage retired as UKIP leader today. He recounted to the UKIP Conference how he transformed UKIP and its odd predecessors over the past twenty years from complete and total marginal irrelevance into a major national and electoral force, and changing British society, probably forever. For good or for ill, is a matter of debate.

Robert Griffiths in one of his pamphlets mocked how Farage looked. Coming from the ever inflating barrage balloon, that is something.

Griffo took over the CPB in 1998 and what impact has his leadership made to the CPB into a major leading and transformative force in British society??

Errr...down to one hundred “activists” tops and absolutely pointless votes in elections.

“Communist Renewal”??? So one or two of the hundred feel a little more energised than they did previously... Big deal.

Is the CPB today even more irrelevant to national life than it was in 1998? Difficult to judge on such minutiae, hard to detect significant changes in the amoeba...

I would make a comment about “arteriosclerosis” but wouldn’t want to be seen as attacking “Bob” Greenshields.... A new drain on society's resources...

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