Re: Ben Chacko on "the lesser evil"

November 12 2016 at 12:50 PM
White man in the Hammersmith Palais. 

Response to Ben Chacko on "the lesser evil"


I'm not a reformist, I'm a revolutionary, so at one level it's easy; you can't achieve communism through the ballot box, you can't reform your way to socialism. It doesn't matter who wins the election, you haven't won the state.

Standing in bourgeois elections is what they want us to do, so that we legitimise their pantomime. The number of times I've been told by tories and even members of the labour party that the NCP should be standing candidates!

But elections do matter - they make a difference, you can even win small reforms to capitalism, which is why there are reformist parties and why lots of people go on voting for them.

So it's right to make a distinction (for example) between the war mongering imperialist Clinton and the racist, misogynist, free market, anti LGBT, anti abortion imperialist Trump. Trump's version of free market, religious, right wing capitalism is not going to make American workers any more left wing or revolutionary when it fails, it's a form of fascism and we all know where that ends.

So, to recap - support Bernie in the primaries even though President Bernie wasn't ever going to achieve the kind of limited socialism he stood for. When Clinton won, bite the bullet and vote for her - anyone but Trump.

And in the mean time get your message out, build a revolutionary working class party that's really going to shake the tree.

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