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Katya Santos Transcript In DJ Mo 40 Forbidden Questions

March 21 2007 at 10:17 AM
Anonymous  (no login)

Katya Santos, the voluptous bombshell of the defunct(?) Viva Hot Babes belongs to the Diamond( or is it Pearl? whatever) Club! She gamely answered all the 40 Forbidden Questions which puts to shame even Moe Twister himself, who was sooo maarte last week in answering questions.

11 - Of the Viva hotbabes, who did you dislike the most?
Jen Rosendahl. At first, I was really nice to her, I don’t really say bad things about her, pinagtatanggol ko pa nga and then someone told me that she said that my ex-boyfriend died of overdose… you don’t have the right to say that because you don’t what I’ve been through… she says a lot of things…

12 - Which local male celeb has always tried to flirt with you? Raymond Bagatsing, noon pa… when we were doing our movie… pick-up line: hinaharana niya ako… he brings his guitar & sings a lot of songs about love and nagpapa-cute… texts “gud night my princess”

13 - What’s the most amount of pesos that you’ve been offered as an indecent proposal?
P250,000. He’s a Japanese guy. But I didn’t accept.

14 - When’s the last time you pleasured yourself?
Yesterday, with my boyfriend. I’ve never done it alone. I don’t know how. I hope I could.

15 - Is there a Katya Santos sex tape somewhere?
Yes. It’s with my boyfriend but I also have a copy. About 30 minutes.
Follow-up question: If you could give it a title, what would you call it? Isla… it was shot in Boracay.

16 - Of the Viva Hotbabes, who has the least amount of talent?
Hazel Cabrera and she knows that. She’s my friend naman. She’s not really concentrating on what she’s doing.

17 - Spit or swallow?

18 - What’s the worst billboard on EDSA?
Judy Ann Santos, Pacific Blue (shades?).

19 - Who is the local celeb you think was good looking on TV but not when you saw them on TV?
Sam Milby. He’s good looking but not what I expected.

20 - Who is the local worst dressed celebrity?
Jolina Magdangal, before. I think you should accessorize according to your age.

21 - Who is showbiz’ most plastic person?
Lara Morena. We had the taping of K challenge. She was talking to me, like we were so close. Then when she was the fist victim, she said I should be the one knocked out because she sings better than me.

22 - Which one of your movies was the most horribly made (or your least favorite)?
It’s a comedy, “Utang Ng Ama”. It’s with Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, Joey Marquez; , it’s a simple comedy film.

23 - What’s the craziest place you’ve done it?
Restroom of a house. (Mojo asks: Whose bahay?) His house. And I’m scared to do that in other places.

24 - Who has the worst BO in the business?
Carlo Maceda. What part? The breath. (Maui says: and they had kissing scenes).

25 - Which local celeb do you dislike working with?
Cherie Gil. She’s really scary, not mean. She’s really a professional... you’ll be intimidated.

26 - What’s your favorite position?
Missionary.. Syempre lumilipat-lipat pa rin yun after.

27 - Celebrity email address:
Iwa Moto: www.japanesebiatch.com
Wendell Ramos: (sorry, I wasn’t able to get this one… someone supply it na lang)

29-32 Dude we all know you’re gay, so just admit it.
Piolo Pascual, Paolo Ballesteros, Uma Khouny, Sam Milby

33 - There’s a movie “We are the Worst Actors”... who are the leading man and woman?
Man: Mark Herras (I don’t believe in competition or reality shows); Woman: Iwa Moto

34 - Which female celeb has not admitted to plastic surgery? Angelica dela Cruz (the chin)

35 - Have you ever slept with anyone famous?
Not yet.
Follow-up: You mentioned that you also lost your virginity to a dancer. Which dance group?
Abstract Dancers

36 - Make out with Maui Taylor right now. Come here Maui. That’s easy. (Mo: I want you to go to town now.) Serious pala ito.
Mo on the phone: I’m talking to this guy now and they’re running each other down. I want open mouth and all that nonsense. When was the last time you kissed each other?
Oh my God. Maui’s on top. They are lying down on the couch. She just grabbed her boob. (shouts all around. Maui: Everybody’s watching?) Make out session now. She kissed her on the chest already. Now on the lips.

Katya’s left hand on Maui’s puppies and Maui taking both….

Mojo asks: How do you feel now?

37 - Of the Viva Hotmen, who would you like to bed down with?
Allen Dizon. (Mojo says: I have a sexy picture of Allen Dizon in bakat yellow briefs.)

38 - Have you ever tried any illegal drugs?
Yes, before.
Follow-up: Which one? Pot. (After a little prodding…) Of course… it’s called ”E”… also took valium, mogs…

39 - Mojo, Maui, and I have something to ask: Katya, show us the puppies! - She showed it.
(Mo: Katya, these are real? They’re beautiful!)
(Mojo: touches Katya’s boob)

40 - What is your favorite color? Pink

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Re: Katya Santos Transcript In DJ Mo 40 Forbidden Questions

March 21 2007, 12:19 PM 

i think na ang mga personal sexcapades eh di dapat ina-aanounce sa media. hindi man kadiri dahil lahat gumagawa nun pero people will sometimes not respect you for some reason......

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Re: Katya Santos Transcript In DJ Mo 40 Forbidden Questions

March 21 2007, 2:29 PM 

thanks for posting this.

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Re: Katya Santos Transcript In DJ Mo 40 Forbidden Questions

March 21 2007, 7:00 PM 


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Re: Katya Santos Transcript In DJ Mo 40 Forbidden Questions

March 21 2007, 10:35 PM 

Anonymous, eto iyung picture ni Katya.

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Re: Katya Santos Transcript In DJ Mo 40 Forbidden Questions

March 21 2007, 11:46 PM 

maraming salamat.
may itsura siya kaso hindi ko gusto ugali niya kung magsalita
sa interview parang ang bastos2x niya --- walang delicadesa.

thank you ulit!

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Katya Santos

March 22 2007, 1:01 AM 

Ano kamo? ang gusto nyang position eh missionary, kaya pala ang luwag ng silong niya. Pagmasdan nyo!
Mahindutin ang ang ganda nya, walang class!

I don't understand why they are allowing those questions, ang daming mga young kids na nakakarinig nyang malalaswang tanong na yan. Nakakahiya!

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