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See if either of these two things may be the reason

February 8 2011 at 9:27 PM
Mr. Bill  (Premier Login Mr. Bill)
from IP address

Response to 13th skull

Hi Joyce,
Either your security is removing attachments or or your Yahoo account won't allow attachments
1. Outlook Express May Be Removing Attachments.

Many are receiving emails with attached saved games, pictures, etc. However, when you go to open them in Outlook Express all you get is a nasty error message! Don't fret, it is supposed to do that.

The new version of Outlook Express is designed to protect you from viruses. Since a lot of viruses are sent as attachments your Outlook Express is configured just to remove any attachment that looks suspicious. So how do you see all of those pictures of the new grand kids?
Well if you select tools, from the top or your Outlook Express screen, and then click on options; you will see a tab labeled security. Under this tab is a selection that says "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus." If this is checked then you will not be able to open attachments. Simply click on the box to remove the check mark and you should be able to view the attachments without anymore error messages!
2. Also Yahoo Accounts May Not Allow Attachments
Check out these 2 things and let me know if you are ready for me to send the saved game again. You may need to use a different email account.
I will try to send a portion of the walkthrough within an email.


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