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I've got the time posted in thread below, so not much to get there

July 29 2010 at 9:42 AM

Pay  (Login Payforfun1)

Response to was the house meeting Andrew called worth looking up in FB? nt


Depending on how many FOTH they give today, it could be worth the 3 minutes of compare it to HOW AWESOME & EXPLOSIVE Andrew said he's going to be tonight, Live!

The funniest part that I've read so far, is that Rachel asked Andrew if his BIG plans involved outing the Kristin/Hayden alliance, that they are in some romance, and the reaction of Andrew (seemed like it might have been his big harrah, like he was the ONLY one who knew)

This morning, She told Brendon she doesn't want Andrew to spill that tonight, that SHE wants to be the one to spill it later

I have one word of advice for her, if that's what she wants...she better let Brendon be the one to ask, lol

On another side note, I would love
1) if Rachel tells Andrew not to mention the Kristin/Hayden
2) He does anyway, because he's been practicing, and's just Rachel
3) He goes ahead and mentions the BOMB, and everyone reacts like I suspect Enzo might
Enzo: Yeah? Yo, That's nice and all, but we all kinda knew that anyway. What else you got?
Yo, this game's not for you, yo

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