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July 29 2010 at 11:48 AM

dianamite  (Login dianamite01)

Response to Just read this on Jokers...LOL

really long one - I'll miss Andrew's direct approach with people....

Andrew and Rachel's conversation from 9:30 am. Rachel comes out of the DR and goes to grab her coffee Less...
Rach: Andrew, can I talk to you for five seconds in the Cabana room?

Andrew: Yeah, you can talk longer is you want

Rach: Five is all I need

They both go into the cabana room and Rachel shuts the door, but then changes her mind

Rach: I wanted to tell you that I overheard...

Andrew: Should I shut that? (pointing to door)

Rach: No, I think we will be good. (whispers) I over heard hayden telling Kristin that he is going to vote to keep Kathy here. So you know

Andrew nods: So Hayden is going to vote to keep Kathy here...and Hayden told who?

Rach: Okay, so I overheard (she gets closer to Andrew) First of all, he is a dumbass, because first of all, he came in the room last night and turned the lights on about 20 times and was all "Is Rachel sleeping???? hahahaha" and turned the lights on 20 times so obviously if you turn the lights on 20 times then I am not f'n sleeping, but I pretending that I was sleeping and then they were whispering, and he was like I just want to let you ....or some stupid bullshht I dont' remember the whole exact thing.....and so, and the, he changed the subject and he was like Oh Yeah, I just want to let you know Kristin that I am going to vote for Kathy to stay in the house

Andrew: And, right where they in the same, how, where were they?

Rachel: Were they in the same bed? I am pretty sure that they were in the same bed.

Andrew: You are pretty sure that they were in the same bed

RAch: Yeah, and then I am pretty sure that I heard them making out, but I don't really know! Is that what you are going to say?

Andrew: Is this your way of finding out what I am trying to say? Or is this your way of....

RAch: no, this is my way of telling you .....that....

Andrew: Yeah, why are you telling me this? I know all of this, I know that people are voting me out. You see what I am saying? I understand...I knew Hayden was going to vote me out

Rach: Oh

Andrew: Without you even telling me I already knew taht

RAch (whisper):I didn't know that you knew that

Andrew: That is what I told you last night, remember what I told you last night? No I am not going to stay here. I know i am not staying here. I know they are going to vote me out

Rach: Oh, I was just trying....(feed cuts to bubbles, comes back and this is what is said)

Andrew: But I hear you, unless you have some other reason to or you have an alliance with someone

RAch interrupts: no, i don't my only alliance is with brendon.

Andrew: Then you are going to want me to do what I am going to do today because it's going to put a better light, a better target on other people. And it's not going to make you look bad at all

Rach: I am not an idiot

Andrew: I dont think you're an idiot, I am not saying that at all

Rach: yeah, I wish that you and I would have been able to talk more before...

Andrew: Oh I would have loved to, I thought it was part of the game to make it to look like I wasn't on your team

Rach (smiling): Whose idea was that, was that Brendon's stupid idea? Cuz he is not the smartest player

Andrew (sighing): i would have had your backs the whole time

Rach (kinda whining) I know brendon told me....

Andrew: The whole time! I am the one that saved him, I was the one who protected him. I was with you guys for sure and this week was going to be the week that everything came out in the open, just so that I wouldn't have to hide it any more. Um...but Matt did a stupid thing and it backfired on me I guess

Rach: Which, what part?

Andrew: That I am going out of the house versus kathy going out of the house

Rach (whisper): i know

Andrew: Because of people who I thought, I knew I trusted and we will see if today's big

Rach (interrupts): Who did you trust?

Andrew: well...

Rach: Hayden and Kristin?

Andrew: yeah, well, mostly Hayden, i don't like kristin

Rach:I don't like Kristin at all...

Andrew: Right, and that is what you are gong to find out tonight, there is a lot more to it

Rach (partly over andrew speaking): And Kristin...yeah, I don't know anything about it...Kristin when I was HOH pretending like she was my best friend (andrew nodding in agreement) And, as soon as I got out of HOH look what she's doing

Andrew (nodding still): Exact same thing, when you were HOH we had a nice alliance, since then, she hasn't told me a word and after yesterday's speech, she didn't come over and give me a hug like everyone else. Who I didn't expect to come over came over, like Lane. Like Lane, coming over and talking to me saying I agree, I was shocked! Heck of a nice guy

Rach: Right, he is a nice guy

Andrew: I was big time shocked, I was impressed. So I am just saying today....enjoy today

Rach: Brendon and I have to win tonight like it's so important. And as soon as we do, Kristin's ass is going on the block

Andrew laughs: I know, i hope so, and if not, I hope that peopel will have a different idea about you guys and that is what I am here for, i want you guys to move on. I am happy, I'm happy

Rach: And if nothing else, the thing is know Brendon, you don't know me very well (both look at doorway several times) but Brendon and i are both the best people to be friends with in this house because I would never, ever turn on my friends, I would never throw them under the bus, and if I could, if I had the chance to save someone, I would totally do it

Andrew (nodding in agreement): i know that, that is why I sided with you guys. I knew if from the beginning...

Rach: And people that Kristin, ughh, and people like Kathy? I can't not f'n stand that bi*ch

Andrew: Stop that! I Know

Rach: Do you understand though? like do you know how manipulative Kathy is?

Andrew: i don't know about .....

RAch: Week one, she was best friends with Monet and Brit, week two she was best friends with me, now she is friends with Kristin....exactly....and you know why she is doing this? and I told brendon this last week I said kathy is not our friend brendon, he was like why? she is up your ass all the time, I said she is not our friend ...she is in this room everyday becasuse A she doesn't want to go up, B she wants to align herself with two strong players and now, Brendon told Kathy that he was not going to vote for her no matter what, he was like no, I am voting to keep Andrew here, ever since then kathy hasn't talked to me, she hasn't talked to Brendon, best friends with Kristin, best friends with Hayden

Andrew nodding vigorously in agreement: I know I Know I....

Rach: People like that, I want nothhing to do with them

Andrew: you can be angry, but please just promise me you will smile, have fun....just enjoy the day with me

Rach: i will, but

Andrew: Enjoy

Rach: i know but I ....

Andrew: Don't start any fights like I did

Rach: i am not going to

Andrew: Good

Rach: Until I win HOH tonight, then I have so many speeches planned, I have so many f'ing, you are going to watch it and you are going to be like (just smirks and looks at the door)

Andrew laughing: good. I want you to know that I took a blow for Brendon because I want you two to stay in this game. Seriously, one of you is winning

Rach: i would lvoe that, I would love that I would love to just stay in the game and f'n, I am so tired of ppl that come into the game and target brendon and i and they are coming after us and we are the only ones fighting!!!!! It's always me, you and brendon

Andrew: Don't worry after tonight you'll see there is going to be ...I'm telling you the game will change after what I say to you tongiht...okay? good? (smiles) I love it. And i really will spend time with you in Vegas, we will be so happy

Rach: Oh yeah, we will have fun, no matter what happens

Andrew: And we will talk a lot more. there is a lot going on in this game that you don't realize

Rach: i know I don't realize a lot of stuff but

Andrew: but I yeah, I am excited and I wold have loved to have conversations with you but I thought that it was best for...

RAch (interrupts): well I just kinda felt like you and brendon were like bff and I was being left out

Andrew shaking head no: Not at all, not at all

Rach: that is how I felt, I felt like I ....

Andrew: I couldn't even talk to brendon!!!!

RAch: yeah

Andrew: i couldn't talk to brendon also, that is why ppl thought I hated you gys

Rach: yeah, I just thought it was weird because I really like, I amtelling you know how I felt, and I feel like it sux because it's too late but, I just felt like you and brendon like were friends and then like I , you guys were leaving me out and it hurt my feelsings

Andrew: The only truth to that part, and I am going to be honest, is that a girl talks a lot and I didn't want brendon to say things to you, and i said it, its not his fault, and it's not that I didn't trust you, but sometimes you talk and I didn't know where Ragan was with you, I thought Ragan was very close with you

Rach: he is very close with me

Andrew: Right, and I was nervous that you may say something to him and, because he is very close with Kristin

Rahc: Oh, I know

Andrew: And that was the problem

Rach: But they just became close

Andrew: NO!!!

RAch: No?

Andrew: No! that is what I am trying to tell you! The thing with Kristin is crazy, I am telling you, it wasn't you, you would talk to Ragan and Ragan would be all over Kristin

Rach: Well, honestly, I guess I don't, Honestly I don't share any game things with Ragan

Andrew: I didn't know so I couldnt', so I told Brendon, please just do your thing and let....

Rach: So you think that Kris....this is what I think that Krsting is attaching herself to hayden, that is how I view it (andrew shaking head no and smiling) before you say anything...

Andrew: No, trust me you will hear it tonight

Rach: K...I think she wants to float through to the end (andrew begins shaking head no) being the only girl here...

Andrew stops shaking head ands says" well that is true, but that is ......(he laughs and pats rachels hand, smiling) Just smile and laugh when it all happens k?

both get up, giggle and walk out cabana room


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