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F2 voting Scenarios.....

September 10 2009 at 3:24 PM

Pay  (Login Payforfun1)

F2 scenarios w/F3 9-10-2009

Nat wins HOH
tosses Jordan (very likely scenario)

Nat/Kevin F2

Jeff: probably GNAt still, w/out much time to assimilate, votes Nat over Kevin (he's been brainwashed so long
Russell: Nat
Jessie: Nat, no question
Lydia: Kevin, no question
Michelle: Kevin, most likely. Only one of the Group not to be fooled by Stinky

Jordan: unless Nat brainwashes her yet again on her way out, her lying for real to Jordan should get Kevin his 3rd vote, and America will EASILY choose Kevin over Gnat, the ONLY likely chance Kevin has to win $500K (Nat to do his dirty work & lose the Jordan vote, which he can't get if he wins Final HOH, ironically)

Kevin wins America's Choice/tiebreaker , or whatever the hell they decide to call it (A/C)


Nat wins HOH. tosses Kevin, keeps Nat/Jordan as F2

Jeff: No contest
Russell: likely Nat
Jessie: Nat for sure
Lydia: doesn't really matter, she doesn't like either
Michelle: Jordan, no contest
Kevin: really? he will vote against that bizz atch so quick

Lydia might vote for Nat, which would be a tiebreaker, and a landslide Jordan win, or it's 4-2 Jordan
That's why Natalie can claim the Loyal tag, she has at least a chance against Kevin

Kevin wins HOH
Tosses Jordan Nat/Kevin F2

Jeff: Nat, no contest
Russell: Nat
Jessie: Nat
Lydia: KEvin
Michelle: likely Kevin
Jordan: please, nat all the way

Kevins loyalty will only cost him $450,000


Kevin wins HOH, tosses Stinky Kevin/Jordan F2

Jeff: No contest
Russell: likely Jordan
Jessie: won't matter, but possibly Jordan
Lydia: Kevin
Michelle: no contest
Nat: stinky venom karma (in 1 last lie, she'll tell Kevin he still has her vote)


Jordan wins HOH ((hahahaha, snort ))
Tosses Kevin nat/Jordan

Jeff: Jordan
Russell: possibly Nat
Jessie: Nat
Lydia: she'll hate it either way
Michelle: Jordan
kevin: Nat

Nat would need both Lydia AND Russell to vote her way, with Lydia the really close vote

without both their votes, there's no need to count the wipeout it would be in tiebreaker voting


Jordan wins, tossed Natalie Jordan/Kevin

Jeff: Jordan
Russell: deciding vote, vote for Kevin lets him win
Jessie: possibly Jordan
Lydia: Kevin
Michelle: Jordan
Nat venom,etc

Kevin would need BOTH Russell & Jessie's vote

If Jordan bounced out Natalie as F2 normally goes, where that person has a couple of days, Natalie could really do her crap to sway some votes. This last second switch by BB could work in Jordan's favor

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lots of thought went into that...thanks nt

September 10 2009, 3:44 PM 


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To me, a lot of how the vote goes depends on whether Nat does a

September 10 2009, 5:03 PM 

mea culpa or makes her lies worse

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