Buddies and Toys!

by Frying Pan Joe

As the Buddies all stand in the half exploded Buddy Club they all look at the big hole caused by the Bazooka Buddy accidentally used!

The Accordioneer Extraordinaire: Yarr! Leave this to me!

The Accordioneer Extraordinaire rubs his hands together...

The Accordioneer Extraordinaire: Abracadabra!!!

He points a large object pulled from a box at the wall and...hey presto the wall returns!

Joe: Coool! A wall rebuilder!!! Wait a minute I didn’t order a wall rebuilder...

Noish falls through the wall with his hand to his ear...

The Accordioneer Extraordinaire: It’s a hologramifier!

Buddy: Oo!!

Noish: Ow....friend?

Joe grabs the hologramifier and points it at Noish...ANOTHER NOISH APPEARS!!!

Noish: ?

HoloNoish: ...friend?

Noish: FRIEND!!!


Noish and HoloNoish skip out of the room whistling to themselves...

Devin: Two Noish!?

Joe: Don’t worry it’ll run out at the end of this scene!

Buddy: Oo?

Joe: What other toys do we have? Coachy, hand me that box!

Coachy passes Joe a big box, on it there is a sign that reads ‘Danger Nuclear Fission’, Joe drops the box to the floor and with reckless abandon rips it open, the rest of the Buddies cringe in case something explodes...

Joe: Huzzah!! This is so cool!

Buddy: What is it Joe? Some kind of war machine?

Devin: A tank?

Coachy: Some sort of time machine?

The Accordioneer Extraordinaire: A vessel fit for the bowels of Neptune?

Joe: No ,it’s my new cold storage unit for my meats...my old freezer broke in the GTWF to DWF move...

Devin: So not a tank?

Joe: Nope....

Devin: What about this? What does this do?

Joe: That IS a tank!

Devin: Oo?!

Devin holds in his hand a tiny bubble, he frowns, poking it...Joe takes it off him... places it on the floor and presses a button on a remote control...IT TURNS INTO A MINI TANK!

All: oO!

Joe: A one man, peddle powered armoured tank!

Devin: Peddle powered?

Joe: You ever watched the Flintstones?

Coachy: COOL!

Joe presses the remote...but Coachy’s inside it!!! He is shrunk into the bubble!

MiniCoachy: Help?

The Accordioneer Extraordinaire: Yarrr, he sounds like one of those wee animals with ye squeaky voice...

Buddy: Let’s keep him like that!

Joe: Interesting...we could...

Devin: Huzzoo!!


Joe zaps Coachy back to full size after Devin chases him around the room trying to stand on him!

Devin: No fun!

Joe grabs the Hologramifier and points it at the wall...on the outside it give the impression there is no door there anymore as the scene ends....

Wait a minute the scene ends?

Noish: ...friend? Where have you gone?!

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