by Kade


Kade looked down at her. A smirk coming across his face. "Every person in here. As committed a sin against humanity. They are going to burn in the fires of Hell for their sins. Why not send them their, before they harm anyone else. And why not send them there. So they work for us." Kade smirked. It was that moment flames suddenly appeared on the door, stopping people from opening it.

Devilz Child looked over, seeing people run screaming from the door, to the back, seeing only the same thing with no exit. "Its time." Kade smirked. And that was when Kade suddenly turned and grabbed a young woman by the hair. Yanking her against him, he snapped hr neck quickly and let her slowly fall to the ground. Everyone saw this and ran screaming again trying for the doors. Kade slowly raised his hands and the flames were replaced with ice, and the temperature dropped in the room. "You just gonna stand there or help." Kade smirked as he suddenly begun grabbing people.

You shouldn't be doing this.

'Says you.'

What if she doesn't respect you after this.

'Then so be it.'

Is that really what you are wanting, to let your demonic.....get the one in a blue. The man with the pool stick.

Kade suddenly ran across the room and took a man in a blue shirt, off the ground slamming him on the table. Taking the stick he broke it in half and slammed the pointed stick into his stomach as he held, the other beside it. Seeing a heavy set guy standing in the corner in fear, Kade grabbed him by the hair. Lifting him up he with a great amount of force slammed him down onto the two broken halves.

A waitress tried to run by, but Kade spun with a back hand right, and with the force, breaking her nose instantly killing her. Turning he looked over his shoulder to see what Devilz Child was doing as he smirked.

Posted on May 3, 2009, 6:57 PM

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