True enough.

by Kade

Kade stopped, his eyes leaving the book, as he became very stiff. Sakkara could feel his mood shift. Kade let out a deep breath as he turned to her. "Its not a big deal if you don't know." Was her reply as she tried to gauge his reaction. It didn't change. "Kade?" She asked.

"I just. It. I don't like to talk much about that side. I mean you've seen what I can do." Kade replied. He opened the hand away from Sakkara and stared at it. Blowing a slow breath, a fire ball suddenly appeared in his hand. He quickly closed it, extinguishing it.

"Something is wrong." Sakkara spoke, shifting position so she was sitting beside Kade as opposed to leaning.

"If I tell you. You have to swear to me. Swear to me that this information is not told to my brother, and possibly to our child." Kade spoke. He stood slowly, walking towards the bookshelf in the room. Pulling a book out, he grabbed a small scroll. Walking back, he sat down next to Sakkara.

"This scroll has been handed down to the oldest child of every generation in my family. My father left Hell with it and it has not returned since." Unrolling it he stared at it. He laid the scroll down unrolling it only to the point of Criss's drawn image. "My brother and I," His hand moving up, "Our father Abigar." Kade stopped. "Crisstopher." Kade said finally. He stopped and leaned back as Sakkara looked a little confused.

"What about the rest?" She asked. "This is a line, where did it start?" Sakkara spoke, confused.

"I'm a direct decadent, fourth generation." Kade spoke, leaning putting his elbows on his knees. Sakkara looked at the scroll.

"So whom is the first generation?" She asked.

"That information has been hidden. It is one of the many myths surrounding Hell, that actually exist in Hell itself. Criss's birth was covered up so no one would be truly aware, because of this demon's ranking compared to your father. There are few creatures with enough strength in their bloodline to stand up, truly stand up to Lucifer and possibly win." Kade stopped, their eyes locking. "Obviously you understand, Lucifer wants no one to believe they are anywhere near that kind of power to stand up to and kill. No one realistically is. But some are close. Deadly close." Kade paused.

"Kade there are so many of those myths and theories running around. Only maybe three or four are anywhere close to true." Sakkara interrupted as Kade nodded.

"Sakkara my great grandfather was a fallen angel. One of the originals cast out with Lucifer. He was the quote, unquote fallen angel who invented and masterminded behind the plot to set fire to Heaven," Kade's voice stopping, his hands unrolling the final part of the scroll, "Xaphan."

Posted on Jul 28, 2009, 12:50 AM

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