Tiny conquerer

by Devilz Child

Dark, intense eyes couldn't stop staring.

Every slight movement made those espresso orbs widen fractionally. An inhale. An eyelid twitch. Bottom lip parting from the top one. An exhale. A flutter of lashes against a soft cheek.

Each small action caused her own body's reactions. Her muscles were bunched up, compact and tight, waiting breathlessly to spring into action at a moment's notice. Knuckles were white with anticipation, nails digging into her palms and leaving crescent marks upon the flesh, her hands resting on her crossed legs. Her vigil was unrelenting.

A soft whimper, and Devilz Child bound up from the edge of the bed she'd been perched on, her bare feet scarcely touching the carpet as she crossed the dark room to the source of the almost inaudible sound.

He was probably the most beautiful creature she'd ever laid eyes on, and the brunette demoness had seen her fair share of exquisite beings. She was quite biased in this assessment, of course.

He was, after all, her son.

Ten little fingers, ten little toes, and a little button nose, with eyes the color of mercury and wisps of dark hair. There was a distinct, relieving absence of horns and a tail. If there were any physical abnormalities, they were not yet present, and for this, she thanked every deity and known presence under the mortal sun.

Dominic was a darling sight, a tiny demon who stole her heart with his first true moment of life. Very much living up to his more unsavory roots bestowed upon him by his parents.

And if his father ever realized how easily she was charmed by their son, she'd never hear the end of it.

Hands hovered over his sleeping form, unsure what exactly to do to comfort the child in the bassinet to lull him back into a more fortifying slumber. His swaddling blanket was secure. He wasn't fussing too badly, so he must not have been hungry or in need of a change.

It was doubtful the little one needed anything at all. Mother was simply on high alert, unable to let herself relax or take a break from her care of her precious child.

It was obvious the type of parent she'd end up becoming. From the moment the baby was in her arms, she'd growl and hiss at any who dared to approach. It didn't matter who it was, even when it was ones she'd trust with his life; every footstep was a potential threat. Not even Kade was an exception in those first few moments, though after the initial snap, he'd received a sheepish look of guilt and a whispered apology once the demoness allowed him near. It had taken Kade taking their son from her arms, and carefully handing him over to Alex and Seth to force her into realizing she was not about to lose her progeny to wolves.

Devilz Child stood beside the bassinet, staring down at the child, her face awash in her amazement of him. She often found herself doing this, but she couldn't quite grasp the reality of his existence just yet. That he existed at all was an insane notion. That she helped create him was even more mind boggling. Wanting to raise him properly, within the mortal realm and as far away from her homeland as possible, had to be the biggest reason to check into a mental hospital to date.

Alert, dark eyes scanned Dominic as the child continued sleeping, unaware that he had an audience. He was so fragile, so small in a world so huge, and yet, the loudest screamer she ever had the misfortune of hearing. He kept everyone on their toes, and conquered their hearts all at once. All without even the slightest bit of effort.

She expected nothing less from one with his bloodlines. She smirked softly in the darkness, leaning forward while tucking loose strands of ebony tresses behind her ear with one hand, the other extending to smooth over the blanket covering the baby.

"Powerful little bugger."

Posted on Oct 20, 2009, 12:03 AM

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