O.O!!! Why you little... you used orange!! EVIL!

by Kalysto

The blonde bombshell could only grin at the way Victoria spoke about being a nomad of sorts due to the way she grew up. Kaly understood that lifestyle all too well, having lived it herself. It was one of the things that had always drawn the two women together, their similar upbringing. Both choosing to live the harsh life of the streets in the concrete jungles of bigger cities, one in New York, the other Chicago.

Once inside the diner, the two focused mainly on the menus given to them by their rather peppy waitress. Considering the time of night, it was refreshing. A lot of the time, with places like that, one would meet up with the most dour individual on the planet after a certain hour of the night, all doom-and-gloom to their expression and short, curt tones when they spoke. At least the service was friendly, and that alone was enough to convince Kaly to visit that particular diner more often.

Their waitress came back, setting Victoria's strawberry milkshake in front of the brunette, her chocolate one immediately taking up a space in front of herself. The delighted sound from Victoria and the way she slid it quickly toward herself for the first sip made Kaly giggle lightly. She missed this, hanging out with the girls and being girls. Funny enough, she never had that growing up, not when her world was dominated by guys. It wasn't until she found herself involved in wrestling that she gained any female friends. Very few girls ever made it on the street. That was probably why she held so much respect for Victoria outside the arena, why she'd never doubt the brunette's ability to jump into something and come out virtually unscathed.

Victoria's eyebrow shot up at the sound of Kaly's laughter, and the Bad Girl, plucking the cherry off the top of her chocolate shake, simply said with a cheeky grin, "Some things never change."

Watching the blonde pop the cherry in her mouth, the brunette smirked and teased back, "So I see. Someone's still all about the cherries."

Kaly smiled again while in the midst of chewing the fruit topping, spinning the stem between her thumb and forefinger.

After the waitress took their food orders and headed off to the back, Kaly unbuttoned her coat and slid it off her arms, revealing a plain gray tank top, asking as she did so, "So you've been in New York this whole time?"

Victoria shook her head, retorting, "Oh no, I wanna hear about you." She took her milkshake in hand, sitting back in her side of the booth with authority, a corner of her mouth quirking up, the look daring the blonde to challenge her.

Kaly laughed softly. She rested her arms on the table, her fingers tapping on the base of her glass, her sapphire gaze falling to the black calligraphy now tattooed on the inside of both wrists; LBC on her right, JMH on her left. Where could she possibly begin? What could she possibly say that wouldn't erupt into something painful or angry?

Nothing. Not really. She'd had the greatest of joys, but they were forever marred by the devastation that followed. Still, she couldn't simply say nothing had happened in the last several years.

"Well, I guess the short-hand is that, in the last two years, I've had a husband, a fiance, and a son," she finally said. "And now, I haven't got any. Just a few death certificates and rings I likely won't wear ever again." A forefinger moved from the glass to swipe some blonde tresses out of her eyes, a small smile slowly gracing her face. "So I'm just trying to get my career back on track, and hopefully do some good professionally, since personally, I'm one giant bad luck charm." The giggle that followed was quiet, mirthful, and it ended as she took a sip of her shake.

It was hard enough to say in just plain terms, but with Victoria, it was harder than normal. She knew the men Kaly had been involved with, especially Conner. She couldn't simply break into the long-winded story about her marriage, all the highs and lows, without dredging up the bad blood between the two women. If Victoria asked for the details, she'd give them. But for the moment, why ruin the night?

"Okay, Miss Alexander," Kaly stated, setting her shake back down, and a mischievous smirk on her pouty lips, "now it's your turn. What've you been up to?"

(OOC: No worries, hon. Totally understand. I can be patient... sometimes... I swear! wink.gif)

Posted on Nov 11, 2009, 7:17 PM

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