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by Victoria Alexander

Vague, thats how she would describe Kalys short little two year recall. Victoria wouldnt blame her for it, simply because she did things that way too. Victoria was sure there was a lot more riding on those two years but she was never one to pry if it wasnt her business.

"Well it wasnt so peaches and cream I guess."

Victoria paused as she then looked on her glass her forefinger tracing over the edge of it. She then plucked the cherry that was on top and tossed it right into Kalys cup. Victoria didnt like cherries so it was easy to pass it over. She then took in a slight breath let it out and continued on in a low matter of fact tone.

"Started out in just returning home, ended up finding myself in a bit of trouble. Territories were set up while I was away and things were shaky for a while. But managed to get a truce with another gang that had established in the area. You know how it goes, the big dogs are away its time to play."

She paused bringing her eyes back towards the cup. Her memories seemingly playing back the first encounter with him.

"Legion was their name. I thought it silly at first but course I run around in a group called the Banger Boys so I guess its no more amusing than ours. Small group but some strong competition. Kazuki was his name, he was their top dog, He was such a pain in the ass but boys will be boys."

Victoria never looked up while she talked, just kept her eyes on the cup as if remembering just like yesterday. Thou it has been quite a few years. Her heart pained at the thought of him but yet angered at the same time.

"Tak and I had a rough time in the beginning making things work with him. He was probably just as stubborn as I am. But we ran into each other more often and one thing led to another. Well you can probably guess what happened then."

Victoria turned her eyes towards the window and really wasnt focusing on anything as she continued to talk.

"We had a good run. About two years, I broke it off for....well I just broke it off. It wasnt until the end did I find out I had cancer."

She then turned her eyes and looked at Kaly. Victorias happier appearance seemed to wither from her face as she spoke directly.

"Breast Cancer, funny thing was, I never knew until I was too weak to get out of bed. Of all people and of all things. My disbelief specially with how I am. I mean, I heal up fast, never been sick a day in my life. But even in my 'condition' I could still get cancer."

Victoria of course was referring towards her berserker tendencies and quick heal time.

"Long story short, was admitted to the hospital and made some choices I regret, 24 hours later I was half the woman I used to be. 48 hours later I find out Kazuki...was dead. About six months later I was strong enough to get back on my feet even if I wasnt mentally ready. Later found out Kazuki left me a nice parting gift. Enough money to cover my medical expenses as well as enough to set me in a nice plushy life. I took what I needed for my medical and gave the rest to others who needed it more than me. Guess my ex boyfriend forgot to tell me he had money."

By now the waitress returned with their food. A burger and fries appearing in front of Victoria. When everything was placed on the table the two girls were left alone. Victoria picked up a fry took a bite and chewed on it for a second before swallowing and speaking again.

"In the end I went back on the street and few years and some reconstruction surgery later, I found myself here."

In returning the favor Victoria left quite a few things out of her story. It was hard enough to think about them but to actually talk about them would surely have the strong willed Victoria in tears.

"So as you can guess the federation's legal department has been hounding me with lawyers ever since my return. Even with my medical clearance they have to cover their ass I guess."

Victoria gave a short laugh in response to her own joke as she would continue to pick at her fries.

Posted on Nov 12, 2009, 10:27 AM

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