Looks like we're gonna be heading to the grocery store here in a minute...

by Kalysto

A full smile graced the face of Kalysto. "I know all too well what you mean," she answered, shifting her plate away toward the edge of the table. "I think it's half the reason I can't go back to that lifestyle now. The kids today trying to make it look like they're part of it just aren't. Like you said, too much television, too many movies, not an ounce of sense in their brains. We've lived it our whole lives, and I don't know anyone who's got as much common sense as we do, not to mention the abilities to reason and be resourceful in a crunch."

The waitress came over, gathering up the plates, and taking off with them to the kitchen.

Depositing her used napkin on the table, Kaly smirked as she stated, "Between you and me, I think we ended up pretty damn good for what we went through. And we didn't need to rely on guns to make our statements. We were old-fashioned, but it damn sure worked. Nothing and no one can take away that education from us. We're better, stronger people for it, too, and I know there's no better way to go out than to go out fighting till the very last breath."

It was a warrior's stand. No matter the world, no matter the culture, no matter the situation, every warrior would willingly die fighting than sit back and be coddled because of a disease or some other silly notion. Victoria was a true New York street girl, and she saw it as equally as Kaly did being both of the Norse world and of a kid living off the scraps of Chicago.

Upon her return to the table, the waitress dropped off the bill while clearing away the rest of the dishes. Kaly was quick to grab it, sticking her tongue out at Victoria childishly before taking out enough from her coat to cover the cost as well as the tip. It, too, found its way to the edge of the table.

"There's no group of people in the world quite like wrestlers, or sports entertainers, or whatever the world wants to label us as," the blonde stated. "Passion and dedication, two traits that you don't find at just any job. It's just as rare to find anyone that has pride in what they do." She smiled again, adding, "And for as cut-throat and brutal as the fellow competitors can be, the solidarity of the roster against outsiders is almost like being part of the gang all over again."

"Almost?" Victoria asked, catching on to that word choice.

Kaly giggled, sitting back against the booth. "Well, I wouldn't trust all of them with my life like I would with my gang. And if I had to trust only one person on the entire roster to have my back when it came right down to it," She shrugged, "hands down, it'd be you."

Posted on Nov 17, 2009, 4:22 PM

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