Chocolate in general would be splendid...

by Kalysto


"You can count on that, girlie."

Kaly had needed the company of another female just as much as Victoria. She'd forgotten what it was like to just be a girl with other girls.

Sliding out of the booth, the blonde smiled at Victoria as the two headed to the exit. "It's been a great night," she stated, "and we're definitely gonna have to do this more often." She winked as she added, "Don't worry... should you need someone with ovaries to break up the testosterone fest with the guys, you know who to call."

Victoria smirked again, replying as they made it outside the restaurant, "No doubt."

Maybe she had gotten insanely soft, because Kaly reached over and quickly hugged the brunette. Releasing Victoria just swiftly, aware that Vic wasn't one for displays of affection, the blue-eyed blonde stated, "Alright, off with you before Tak comes looking for you and tans both our hides for being out past curfew."

It got a laugh out of both women, and Victoria nodded. "Goodnight, Kaly."

"Night, Vic."

The pair separated, Victoria going right, and Kaly to the left. The blonde smiled to herself as she walked, hands tucked deep in her coat pockets.

It had been one reunion she hadn't expected to ever have, and it went much better than she ever could have imagined. It was good to see some things could be put behind them, and hopefully, the rebuilding of their friendship was just taking its first real step.

Posted on Nov 26, 2009, 8:46 AM

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