Well I would but to quote the great John Canton "Blame a woman."

by Seth


"Why not?" Seth asked as he blinked. Still very, very wide awake from the water poured on him.

"Why not what?" Viper asked walking towards the kitchen area again.

"You are denying me booty and apparently denying me warmth so why wouldn't you deny me my cobbler!" Seth glared. "You may take my booty, you may deny me my warmth, you might take my cobbler from my hands. But you'll never take my money!" Seth said and yanked the twenty dollar bill out of Viper's hand. Stomping up the stairs Seth grumbled the entire way up.

"Try to help a snake out. And I get this."

"Well when you play with snakes. You get bit!" Viper yelled, hearing his mumblings. Seeing him walk back down the stairs with a new shirt and towel she could feel his joking had left him. "And who said I was denying you any of those other things? Maybe you are denying you them."

"Is this like that time that shrink made me think my feelings for the family pet were being carried out because secretly I wanted to sleep with my mother?" Seth asked.

"No, this is just me giving you what you truly deserve." Viper smiled.

"I deserve warmer water then that." Was all Seth could muster in response.

Posted on Oct 9, 2011, 9:44 PM

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