Oh surrrrrre!

by Kade

"He asked for it." Kade said as he began putting together some sandwiches. Laying out a plate he put on some carrots and pickles along with a bit of dip. Quickly putting miracle whip on five pieces of bread, Kade tossed some fresh ham on for. Some lettuce, and tomatoes later the two were complete sandwiches were complete. Taking the fifth piece he cut it in half and then made Dom's own sandwich, his with mustard.

After putting them all on their own plate, Kade quickly put everything on the table. "Dom what do you want to drink buddy?"

"Milk." Was all the boy said as he was dipping a carrot into the dip with a pickle in his other hand. Pouring three glasses of milk Kade sat them down along with chips as he sat down beside Sakkara.

"Dom, get in your chair." Kade said as the boy reluctantly did as told. As the boy began consuming his lunch, Kade watched carefully as Sakkara did her best to pick at it. Half a carrot here, a small bite of the sandwich there.

"How did he ask for it exactly?" Sakkara asked.

"Easy. He chased Dom out of his pond. Dom chased him back in. And then made him his bitch for a few minutes before he swam out." Kade nodded finishing his sandwich. The silence was only noticeably uncomfortable to the adults. Sakkara's eyes wondered back to Dom as she watched him devour his lunch. After clearing his plate Dom stood onto his chair and held it up for Kade to see.

"All gone!" He proudly exclaimed.

"Milk's not." Kade smirked.

"Not my fault you put so much in it! And where the chocolate stuff!" Dom pouted.

"Well if I top it off with as you call it chocolate stuff you gonna finish it?" Kade asked to which the boy nodded. Standing, Kade grabbed the empty plates and Dom's half full glass. A moment later it sat back down with Hershey's chocolate mix in it and stirred.

"Mommy! Clear your plate or we can't have cookies!" Dom said poking her in the arm repeatedly. Kade watched how every action took immense effort for Sakkara. And simple touching was painful. In those cases, eating sucks.

"Meh we'll make an exception bud." Kade said as he stood to grab the cookies for Dom.

Posted on Apr 25, 2012, 9:36 PM

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