And your body is a wonderland

by Kade

Contact. The one thing that had not happened since she disappeared. And there it was. Something he yearned for, for months. He almost didn't want to speak for fear of moving her finger. Once she finally did just that he knew he had to speak.

"Well first things first. It started shortly after World War I. Seth and I met Ivan, Smith and Rick during our time in Europe. Seth, Rick, Smith and I weren't enlisted. We just enjoyed the carnage. And you know. Demons stick out to demons." Kade nodded.

"Smith and I both shared a common passion. Harley Davidson. And the motorcycle proved to be the best way around all the shit we were in. So that's how we all started together was through riding. When we returned back to California we were short Ivan." Kade continued.

"Upon our return we came across a little town in So-Cal that was being terrorized by what the people of the town thought were immoral people. Just two really."

"Danny and Tyson." Sakkara spoke.

"Exactly. The immoral action was Tyson was part Native American, part Jewish. He didn't celebrate the white Christian, life style nor look it. So just breathing was immoral to those uptight crackers. And Danny? He was turning wholesome, sweet young women into cock lusting tramps." Kade laughed. "So we fit them in."

"Wait, Ivan stayed so how does he fit in?" Sakkara asked.

"Well he didn't become unhappy until the rise of the Soviet Union. And by 1928 he had enough. Fucker hates stupid politics. Or what he feels is stupid politics. So he left and came here. All of us still rode. One preacher said we were nothing but a bunch of demons. Which we were. So we started calling ourselves The Demons. A sheriff told us around 1934 it was our destiny to cause demonic happenings where ever we went. After he tried hanging us. Didn't work so he told us to get the fuck out. Rick came up with Demons of Destiny." Kade finished.

"We chose Death Valley to head quarter because it was away from the humans. We could be who we were and only had to watch ourselves when we interacted with them in whatever fashion." Kade paused as he looked down.

"The killing for hire part. That's where things get. Tricky. I guess." He stopped as his eyes met her own again. "Because of my mother being human. I always felt a bit guilty. But I learned to justify. I learn to make it work for me. And the money was good. And after a while. Just nameless, faceless people. My biggest way to justify was I either sent them to be with God before they suffered. Or they deserved what they had coming. About the time I met Beth my guilt was growing larger and larger. After being with Beth it became clear I couldn't keep killing the humans and laying in bed with her every night." Kade stopped speaking as his eyes wondered to the finger that had touched his lips just moments ago.

"After a while it dawned on me. Feeling any guilt at all in the past or now. Didn't make it anymore right just because I could justify it. The only thing I can figure is all the wrong I've done is somehow evened out by the good I've done."

Posted on May 16, 2012, 10:17 PM

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