Laughter At New Olympus!!! (Gideon, Draven, Seth, Viper, etc.)

by Devil & She-Devil

Devil sat quietly upon what could only be described as his throne room in his newly constructed estate, appropriately named, New Olympus. Not only was he the reigning Intercontinental Champion, he now had the most valuable estate in the history of the DWF. During his previous months it had been his vision to sell his other properties in an effort to concentrate on the creation of the monstrous estate he would named after Mount Olympus itself. Located at a disclosed area in the mountains nearby the border of Thessaly and Macedonia it's positioning was strategically isolated and security from the threat of any enemies. Not to mention that as a favored Demigod of Zeus himself the entire area was under the protection of the Gods should any of his enemies be foolish enough to attack him.
Despite his recent mind's child having been born he was still unhappy on this day. Despite him having everything and ten times more he had ever wanted in terms he was still depressed. He was depressed not because New Olympus was anything short of the marvelous wonder had had always envisioned it to be but, more simply, because his favorite team had lost on the previous evening to the Boston Celtics. Although he had an ongoing identity crisis throughout his life that had only recently be solved witht he help of his Oracle, or in laymans terms, soul mate, he was spent several years in the earliest part of his wrestling career in Philadelphia. In fact, it had been said that Zeus specifically selected the City of Brotherly Love for his favored Demigod to start in because he knew that the humans that resided there would instill there never bending will to fight and keep on fighting until the very end of any conflict. Even though Zeus was forbidden from personal interaction with Devil, seeing as that he was indeed a Demigod, he would not be discouraged from giving his son every advantage imaginable on his journey to destiny.
Staring up an entire wall made up on an HD screen with such image quality it almost seemed as if Devil himself was standing on the Celtics home court he watched as the reporters and all of the announcers made their predictions for the next round with the Celtics and the Heat.
"Damn them."
He muttered with a sneer, as he waived his hand and the massive screen before him shut itself off.
She-Devil, who stood silently behind him wearing a pair of jean shorts and a throwback Allen Iverson jersey, smiled knowingly. She had anticipated the Sixers would fall to the Celtics. The Celtics were a battle-tested team who had won the NBA Championship in 2007 and had the Big Three whereas the Sixers, while they backed down from no one and fought until the end of every game with everything they had, were young and still rebuilding their franchise. She knew Devil wanted to make them champions just as he was in his own career but it just was not to be. Nevertheless, she had a plan for this inevitability.
Walking from behind the throne Devil sat down in, slumped over, she kissed him on the forehead and whispered softly
"Defeat is never easy to accept, but they fought valiantly until the end. We should celebrate their season, should we not?"
Devil simply leaned back his head and closed his eyes, not uttering a word. He hated this feeling. In the back of his mind he comtemplated finding each and every one of all the Boston sports teams and destroying them but that would bring his teams no closer to winning a championship. First it was the New England Patriots and Brady, then it was John Cena, and now it was those damn Boston Celtics. Why did his disappointments all eminate from the same Gods Forsaken city!?
She-Devil patted his head lightly, a wide smile of excitment crossing her lips.
"Wait right here Beloved. I have a surprise for you that is sure to raise your spirits. "
She-Devil dashed out of the massive throne room into a nearby elevator. The elevator took her backwards towards another sector of the estate. It was able to backwards, forwards, as well as up, down, and sideways because Devil had created it based on the elevator in Willy Wonka's factory in the newest version of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory starring Johnny Depp. Now that was definitely a great investment to say the least. He had lost count him many times him and She-Devil blasted Aerosmith's "Love In An Elevator" while having sex going back and forth, up and down, sideways, etc.
After about ten mintutes or so Devil began to wonder what exactly his She-Devil had in mind for him. Perhaps it was a cake or some kind of food. Maybe she would try and cheer him up with a new sexual trick or show? As the minutes passed his curiosity began to peak.
Quickly hopping up out his throne at the sound of his customized elevator returning from some unknown sector of the estate, he walked towards it with his eyebrow arched, awaiting the doors to open. When the doors to the elevator opened what he saw in front of his shocked him at first. It was a massive red present with red wrapping and a big black bow at the very top of it in the center of the box.
He rubbed his chin thoughtfully.
The box began to move towards him and at first he thought whatever was in it was moving it! Then he realized that She-Devil was behind the box pushing it forward and almost begun to laugh at how silly his all was. By this time he had forgotten that his Sixers had been beaten by those damn Celtics and was thoroughly intrigued with what was in that box.
Once the box was completely pushed out of the elevator and in front of his throne, She-Devil walked from behind it, a bit of persperation forming on his soft red skin, which she made so through the use of her powers just as a gift to her Beloved. She had come up with the idea to keep his skin red to go with her new identity as She-Devil and it turned out to be the best idea not just for her personally but professionally as well due to the fact their relationship had been taken to higher level and her career had launched as well. It was a win-win situation. One of the many advantages of being able to shapeshift into, for the most part, any physical form she so pleased.
Breathing heavily, she took a moment to catch her breath before gesturing her hands to the massive present next to her.
"Beloved. This is a gift that will change both our lives and will ensure that we are never without entertainment and laughter for all time."
Devil looked back and forth between She-Devil and the huge red box anxiously for a few seconds. Then suddenly something BURSTS from out of the box!!!
Devil jumped backwards with surprise. Not one to admit being caught off guard, he tried to regain his composure as quickly as possible seeing as that She-Devil was already laughing. When he took a moment to actually look at had what exploded out of the box his jaw dropped for the first time in his life from what he could remember. What he saw was a beautiful female with blonde hair and a bloody red Phillies baseball bat in her hand dragging some unknown creature wearing Boston Celtics gear from head to toe. A trail of blood formed behind the creature where she dragged him on the floor like a deer she had shot in the wild.
The unknown young woman ran out around in a circular, dragging the bloody and beaten creature behind her, playfully skipping and singing outloud to herself before coming up to Devil and tap dancing, changing her choice of tune. The pitch of her voice rose and her eyes, widened, as she gestured her arms to the left and to the right along with the lyrics of her song, "This is you're left. That's you're left. This is you're right. That's you're right. This is you're left." Then, still with the baseball bat in hand, she slide down and brought her face, that was painted something like Devil's with a "Joker-like" twist, and yelled with a happy/psychotic tone, "AND YOU'RE GONNA DIE!"
She-Devil and Devil burst out laughing all at the same time. The look on the creature's face was priceless! Not to mention the fact this unknown, unnamed, young blonde had begun to run in circles again waving her arms up and down, yelling and imitating the old man from Poltergeist, "YOU'RE GONNA DDDDDDDIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!"
Devil paused from laughing, just long enough to hold a hand, gesturing her to stop. Immediately seeing his hand up, she stopped and froze in position. Devil looked at She-Devil with a wide grin and made as innocent face as he could make, "Can we keep her?"
She-Devil took a moment to look as if she were thinking, secretly knowing she had already made her decision. Looking at the young woman then back to Devil she replied with a firm point at his chest.
"Yes Beloved. We can "keep her" but never forget that I am the Queen and she is the Fool!" Understood!? I don't care if she is another Demigod or not! ONLY I AM YOUR ORACLE!
Betray my trust and I ASSURE YOU BOTH, I will see to it, we spend eternity BURNING in Hades TOGETHER! Do I make myself clear!?"
Devil, nodded slowly as did the young woman did. She-Devil's eyes were burning red but upon their agreement and seeing the sheer fear of her wrath in their eyes, she calmed down and her eyes turned to their normal color.
Breaking her silence, the blonde shakes her head wildly, then puts the red, bloodstained, Phillies baseball bat over her shoulder with one hand and bows as if she were on broadway and had just finished a show for Devil.
"Hey Dev. Pleasure to meet you. I hope you enjoyed the show. Did I make the team?"
She winks suggestively and wiggles her backside towards him as she swings the baseball bat at the beaten down creature, who seemed to have crawled in the direction of the elevator.
"You DEFINITELY made the team...uhh..."
He paused, seeing as that he didn't know her name. It didn't matter though. He'd simply give her one. Pointing his finger with his eyes looking up in the sky with thought, after a few seconds, he laughed.
"Jestress! For this day forward you will be known as Jestress."
Laughing histerically, the newly named Jestress, runs and hugs Devil then goes over and SMACKS the ass of She-Devil then runs over to the half conscious creature wearing the Boston Celtics gear and begins to swing down and beat on him with the red, bloodstained, Phillies baseball bat yelling, "J TO THE E TO THE S TO THE T TO THE R TO THE E TO THE S TO THE S! BREAK IT DOWN!" Finally dropping the bat, as Devil and She-Devil continue to laugh, she goes on to begin River Dancing over the unconscious, half dead, creature wearing the Celtics Gear. This was definitely one of the best presents Devil had ever gotten. Besides, if Ric Flair could handle two women he could too! He did make a mental note on this day though, never piss off She-Devil. He knew her well and knew that she had most likely hand picked Jestress because if he was to have another woman it would be a woman of her choosing. While he never thought he would say this, he actually didn't mind her choice. He had never met a female, Demigod or not, entertain him the way Jestress had in the span of only a few minutes.
Holding his sides from laughing so hard, he flopped back down on his throne, pulling down She-Devil with him and kissed her deeply. Breaking the kiss he whispered.
"You were right about the present. I don't think we'll ever be without laughter again."

Posted on May 27, 2012, 10:45 AM

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