Generation Dead (Promo)

by Viper

The scene slowly opens with a partially shaded bayou with numerous moss covered Cypress trees rising up from the water while the sounds of Zydeco music plays faintly in the background. The camera continues to pan across the peaceful water, several gators break the surface while others submerge from view before the scene changes again.

This time, the music heard is playing louder and everywhere the camera turns, there's noisy, festive people walking along blocks of bright shop lined streets and above them, others look down from the balconies. The transmission switches to shots of a cemetary with what seems like thousands of raised graves filling the horizon. Suddenly time elapses and very little changes except that there are more people wandering the streets, nearly all of them rowdy beneath the lights that illuminate the shops, bars and clubs.

There's no mistaking now where the camera has traveled to and is transmitting from. Lousianna.

A sign bearing the name Bourbon Street comes into focus and as the camera pans back, a half smirking brunette is standing beneath it sipping on a drink resembling a grenade.

"New Orleans. This has to be my favorite city in the world and do you know why Slade?"

Viper abruptly saunters away, turning once to beckon the cameraman to follow her. A few seconds in, the camera loses Viper through the throngs of people and when it finds her again, she's walking into a courtyard where a massive gothic church looms in the background. When it finally catches up with the slippery brunette, she's standing at the bottom of the St. Louis Cathedral steps in Jackson Square and entices the cameraman to come closer.

"Because of the amazing architecture like this church here and all of the supernatural activity that's been reported. Did you know that Interview with the Vampire was shot here? Then there's the stories of pirates since this was once a real pirate port and thern there's the tales of ghosts and.." . Viper trailed off when she saw a group of people led by two Victorianesque dressed men descending the stairs and heading in their direction. "How fun! It's the Vampire Walking Tour, turn up the mics let's see if we can hear something from the tourguides"

"The tour lasts about two hours and if we're lucky, we might encounter a vampire."

"Are there really vampires here?"

"There might be a few"

"What about ghosts?"

"There's ghosts, though they're easier to find than Vampires, they're very rare. However, if we're really fortunate we might get to meet both"

The brunette nods and smiles as the guides and the tour group walk pass her and as they head off, a little boy glances back and gets a toothy grin in return which causes his jaw to drop and start yanking at his mother's arm in an attempt to turn her around. When they vanish out of sight, Viper breaks into a laugh.

"The blind leading the gullible" Viper shakes her head and the scene changes yet again, finding the brunette in front of a voodoo shop.

"But what I really love about this city is the history and Slade, at Strikezone, you're going to be history when i take you on an upclose and personal tour of the city. I'm going to take you up, down and sideways along these streets till you start feeling like you're a part of it. And if you're real lucky, I won't finish you off in..i mean, finish off the tour by showing you the bayou."

The brunette was practically beaming now

The clock is ticking Slade, enjoy your last moments of a pain-free existance. It'll be coming to an end sooner than you think"

The camera starts fading to black but before it goes to pitch, Viper winks and her shadow is seen crossing the street as the walking tour passes by once more


Posted on May 28, 2012, 5:50 PM

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