Clandestine meetings (Roy Quigly)

by Viper


As they journeyed to their destination, Viper had to quit allowing her thoughts to run wild with what this man wanted to tell her, was going to tell her. She had a sinking feeling that it had everything to do with Enigma, and while her intuition was usually right, she wanted to be wrong this time.

Stepping from a shadowy portal, the brunette turned and waited for the pale man to enter. To his surprise, they had ventured into the steeple of the Old North Church just blocks from the Fleet Center where the event was still going on.

"I don't have too long before i have to get back to the arena. What's going on and how are you here? How did you return? Were you even..?" The brunette stopped herself. She had far too many questions and she wasn't letting the man get a single word in. "My apologies. Please, proceed"

Viper took a seat on a crate and summoned all of her restraint to bite back any more questions and remain silent.

Posted on May 28, 2012, 6:33 PM

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