How many days have I been out?

by Kveldulf the Reaver

Kveldulf slowly opens his eyes, finding himself in darkness. He blinks for a minute, trying to make sure that his eyes are working and that he's not blind. From the smell of the air, the sounds of the machines beeping and the electrodes attached to his body the Reaver knows he's in a hospital bed. How much time has passed can't be determined at the moment. Turning his head to the side, the White King tries to see if there is anyone in the gloom. He can make out a form curled up in a chair by the window. No doubt it is Becca as the staff certainly wouldn't let anyone else stay in the room. It doesn't take a genius to know that he lost the match. Kveldulf thinks briefly about what happened in the match and then his mind moves on to some other things before he drifts off back to sleep.

The White King listens to the rain against the window and the voices in the room as he assesses the damage his body has sustained - snapped radius in right forearm, dislocated right elbow and shoulder, two broken ribs and a fractured skull along with various cuts and bruises. The nurse continues to talk to Becca, who is holding the Reaver's left hand at the time. Kveldulf opens his eyes, smiling faintly as his vision adjusts to the fluorescent lights and squeezes her hand. She looks over, a smile and tears on her face, and then hugs him close. The nurse leaves them alone for the moment, heading out to check on another patient. The White Queen pulls back after a minute, looking at his arm in the cast.

"So what's next?"

"Well I lost the belt. As per the contract, I am entitled a rematch. But my rematch will be against Seth, whether he has the belt or not. And it won't be until after I'm cleared to wrestle. Yeah, I could heal the arm faster and be back in no time."

Becca frowns for a moment, unsure of what he's getting to.

"I'm not going to do that. Not having the title has its benefit. So while my arm heals and I don't have to defend anything, we are going on that Caribbean cruise you have been looking at. I've seen the brochures you've been trying to hide. It will just be the three of us. As much as Khalith likes to hang out with Amaimon, I have other plans and business for Storme to take care of in our absence. And we are leaving right after my segment at Strikezone to initialize the rematch."

Becca eyes go wide for a moment and then she leans over and kisses Kveldulf, her mind anticipating the trip. As the nurse walks back in, the White Queen whispers into his ear about running some errands and being back in the afternoon. After the nurse finishes getting his vitals and making notes in his chart, she leaves the room. The White King breathes deeply for a moment and then takes note of the amount of 'Get Well' flowers, cards and gifts in the room. After a few hours of reading cards and mail, another nurse brings in his lunch. Making sure the Reaver is comfortable, he leaves the room to continue delivering meals. Taking the lid off the tray, a folded piece of paper rests next to the plate. Tentatively taking it, Kveldulf opens it to see a date, time and location. He memorizes the information before taking a pen and writing "I'll be there" on the paper, folding it up and placing it underneath the plate. This way it will go back to whoever sent it with the acknowledgement of being read. The Reaver then resigns himself to what passes as a hospital meal and begins to eat.

Posted on May 29, 2012, 5:03 PM

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