Over smover, it ain't over until we have chalk outlines (Simulcast. from Aggression)

by Candice Fairchild (D.W.F President)


This was like her birthday, the 4th of July and Christmas wrapped up all in one for the Dwf president as she watched the shocking, and violent interaction between Kane2000 and Undead Enigma from outside the apron.

On one hand, Candice had hoped that that really wasn't Killburn's head in that bag but on the other, the blonde wasn't naive, she was 99% sure that it was. Kane had struck Enigma, not once but twice in the span of five minutes and she knew that this wasn't the end but the beginning. Just looking at Kane's face, Candice could feel how he was chomping at the bit to take out UE, it was palpable. His eyes confirmed it, he was practically begging Enigma to come at him.

When it appeared that Enigma was considering his options to either respond in kind or to save his vengeance for a later date, Candice took the brief break in the battle to step back inside with her microphone firmly in hand.

"Since you are both so eager to get your hands on each other and since you're freshly reinstated Lord Enigma, i'm going to book you in a match against Kane 2000!"

The TD Garden practically blew up from the crowd's wild and instantaneous reaction to seeing a match of this magnitude being booked right before their eyes. The blonde could see that Kane was growing more and more bloodthirsty by the second.

"You wanted it Enigma, you got it. That's IF Kane doesn't object of course." Candice smiled slightly at Kane and then at Enigma. If Stephanie had only stuck around a little longer Candice thought as she waited to hear Kane's answer. Candice thought better of it. No. Knowing Stephanie's impulsiveness, she would have ruined the golden opportunity that had presented itself.

"Yes or no gents?"

Posted on May 30, 2012, 2:18 PM

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